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  1. When the rolls going bad I change my seed ,i think its good
  2. I want to play fast and big bet for big profit .but sometimes loss and some time luck come in my way
  3. I have try some wagering strategy and it's a good strategy to wage big in how many hour
  4. Oh that's the reason why I can't log in
  5. I don't have know strategy to pay out big.I just tried small amount
  6. I think we Must wagering until we reached that level
  7. I'm not yet familiar with that bcuz I'm just new in primedice
  8. I'm new in primedice,any tips or strategy from u all?
  9. We need strategies and set the bets until reach the needed bets
  10. No,For me it's a matter of luck.and winning is bcuz of good techniques and thinking
  11. If I'll be given the chance to travel in the country or place I want and love to go is in India,I want to meet my kindly and thoughtful friends there and tour together
  12. Cy03

    Rape in marriage

    Rape if u don't want but he forced u
  13. Yes,it makes us strong ,not to get tired easily
  14. Good food, to have more energy for a good sex.