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  1. I mean why not both ? 😋
  2. I don't know much nuffin about it. But I would like to give a hot shot try. I mean why not right As finally it's already launched so
  3. Not actually he doing his best to keep the postive spirit. And here we all knows it
  4. Oo heya man, I would like to warmly welcome you here in community. Hope you enjoy with us 🙂
  5. Heya welcome here I hope you enjoy being with us with oldest and still growing casino 🙂
  6. I invested in defi some lil stuff in wrong time. Got baited and loss that. Previously I have invested in eth, doge, xrp, not much just a bit. Hope you find something interested coin and get pump up with $1000 :))
  7. Well mate, there is no "profit-able" strategy or something near that. It's gambling "We win/we loss" Most importantly just enjoy the gambling. If you enjoying the only way you can make profit. That's all. I'm not a money maker. I loss sometims I won sometimes.
  8. Yes, that's the secret wager $10k you will get VIP bronze level:)