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  1. I started into casino online gambling just this quarantine period... since I only stayed at home most of the time after I lost my job
  2. I'll invest it in a business.. where I could make a job for everyone to benefit
  3. not yet satisfied for I only earn some.. but who knows... hehe
  4. my friend got me into this... and he's more knowledgeable than me
  5. xrp as always... hehehe cause I find it really exciting when I use it. but it always turns out losing...hahaha
  6. me... not yet but I always start playing daytime till midnight
  7. I think they have a high percentage but to in order to win, luck is always there
  8. well... I put percentage in ON LOSS/ON WIN but only it depends on your basebet... but you have to manually stop the roll because you will also loss a lot
  9. for first timers like me... I used to wage by using xrp because I observed fast waging
  10. you must be really lucky to buy a house from crypt earnings but on the other hand, patients will bring you to what you really want to achieve which is buying a house
  11. believe what you think is right... for me, I strongly believe there's God (my faith tells me)
  12. I used it once and as I remember it reached 15k reds before green
  13. just curious how did he do that maybe a high percentage of luck