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  1. Haha
    kate3003 got a reaction from Sokah in Your withdrawal target   
    hmmm at first my aim is the minimum amount of withdrawal but when i got it in minimum i still strive to earn until it takes more days then thinking again if ill withdraw but 2nd thought maybe nextweek 😂 then boom got busted in the end hahaha
  2. Sad
    kate3003 reacted to bloomy in Nasaan ang mga manlalarong pinoy?   
    Napansin ko may nga ibang pinoy players na mahilig pa rin tumambay sa eng chat.
    Gusto ko sana na gawing aktibo muli ang Ph channel natin.
    Para magawa ito kailangan ng mga manlalaro. Gusto ko sana malaman kung merong mga gustong sumali para sa mga gagawing laro sa ph channel natin.
    Para dun sa mga sumusuporta dito pakiindicate po yung username nyo dito sa Primedice . Salamat.
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    kate3003 got a reaction from nikowin44 in Strategies and pattern   
    i think you are doing good on that strategy...i myself also been exploring what strategy to used and im sticking to 3x payout and monitoring my rolls by just 0 bet then when i feel it hit green i raised it to 500-1000 hihihi but i know at some point rolls will rigged so i need to make a good decision but i strongly recommend to follow your guts 😅
    and set limits on your rollings also.goodluck
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    kate3003 got a reaction from nikowin44 in Please to meet you Let me introduce myself (hoo-hoo) ...   
    please to meet you too bud..hope you enjoy here in primedice forum 😁
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    kate3003 got a reaction from nikowin44 in Are you gambling addicted or not?   
    i think its best to get a hold of yourself when gambling. put some limit when gambling.
    its better to interact to your friends more than gambling all day and when you lost, it will make you play more and became frustrated in the end.😅
  6. Sad
    kate3003 got a reaction from Bojana in 🏆 [0.08 BTC] Dorian's Palindrome Hunt!   
    hmmm i better hunt for this. thanks borjana 
    goodluck to all who gonna participate
    roll 19.91 cant used the insert bet id
    Bet: 23,899,336,556
    placed by kate3003 on 04/09/2018
    0.00000100 Multiplier
    3.00x Profit

    Bet: 23,900,717,591
    placed by kate3003 on 04/09/2018
    0.00000100 Multiplier
    1.01x Profit
    roll 19.91 again lol 😂

    Bet: 23,901,194,348
    placed by kate3003 on 04/09/2018
    0.00001200 Multiplier
    1.01x Profit
    roll 08.80

    Bet: 23,901,399,847
    placed by kate3003 on 04/09/2018
    0.00001200 Multiplier
    1.01x Profit
    roll 09.90

    Bet: 23,915,515,722
    placed by kate3003 on 05/09/2018
    0.00000100 Multiplier
    1.01x Profit
    roll 91.19

  7. Upvote
    kate3003 reacted to ravenyvolle in 0.017- 1.65 btc   
    Actually this is so funny, i love doing max bets and in this site i got confused and accidentally put 1.05 in win chance instead of the payout. And damn I was lucky!:) 
    And tipped to pd users ?
    So yeah i will rest for a while from gambling and just save this and add for my tour next year ?

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    kate3003 reacted to Bes19 in 19x is hawt!   
    So i made a depo of .01 to try different strategy. My favorite number is 19 since i was born on19th, so the strategy i did is 19% win chance. This is on autobet and this is the first time that i tried it. I know it's risky af but Life is all about taking risks right. So here is my strategy,
    Autobet : 5.2x or 19% win chance
    Base bet is 10 sats
    On loss : 40%
    But this strategy is not for a long run. I just used it for an hr and got a good profit. I think this strategy will not work for a small balance. Try it with atleast .01 bankroll. Good luck guys! More greens for us <3
    P.S i will try different strategies everyday and will share it here. 
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    kate3003 reacted to Bes19 in Nagsusugal ka ba sa totoong buhay? Ano pa ang mga adiksyon mo?   
    Lulong ka rin ba sa sugal sa totoong buhay o online gambling ka lang nalululong? Ano pa ang mga adiksyon mo maliban sa sugal?
    Ako nagsusugal din ako pero with my friends lang. Adik kami sa Pusoy at Tong its halos everyday kaming naglalaro pero puro kaibigan ko lang kalaro ko Sa casino naman nung nagwowork pa ko sa call center dun ko lang naranasan mag casino every rest day. Buti hindi pa ko umaabot sa pagsusunog ng casino table lolol
    Bukod sa pagsusugal, ang adiksyon ko pa ay paglalaro ng mga RPG. Pag wala kong pang roll sa PD nasa RPG ako lol Nagyoyosi rin ako pero never ako uminom ng alak kc allergic ako. Next month magstart na naman ako mag work baka mawala ako ng time sa crypto especially sa PD huhu
    Share your story mga kababayan ^^ 
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    kate3003 reacted to Bes19 in 9900x on fire!   
    I was so frustrated about my losses yesterday and i tried to chase my negative profit again (as usual) lol So from .007 i was down to 80k using 9x strategy with 500 bb. I was so unlucky from Morning till night. So i told myself i will hunt 9900x from my last 80k balance. On 200+ rolls i darn hit it and i was like OOOOMMMGGGG!! Usually my bet whenever i'm hunting is atleast 500 satoshi but last night it was only 100 satoshi coz i already lose a lot before i hunt. I'm still thankful coz i get back my .007 loss and got a .002 profit. I had a very good sleep
    P.S i might have my 3rd giveaway soon so stay tune

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    kate3003 reacted to Bes19 in Should VIP members have some small benefits on PD?   
    I agree there should be something for VIP's since they contribute a lot on Primedice aswell as the community. I see some sites offers a good benefits for VIP's so Primedice should do the same Cashback should depend on the VIP color like for example 5% for Gold Vip, 3% for Silver and 1% for Bronze. Hopefully they would think about it. 
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    kate3003 reacted to Bes19 in Bitcoin segwit issue   
    Actually sis hindi ko pa rin alam lol Sabi nila kailangan iwithdraw daw especially kapag nasa coins.ph kasi walang private key ang coins so baka mawala ang btc dun. Siguro iconvert ko na lang muna sa PHP instead of cashingout
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    kate3003 reacted to ravenyvolle in From -0.06067444 BTC to ZERO true story   
    2:00 is giving me a hard time. ? I have been playing for hours and hours and it only gave me repeated no. 8:00 and 2:01 and more. 
    I wish i could hit at least 2-3 today then that would make me happy ?
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    kate3003 reacted to Bes19 in 77.77% win chance is dope!   
    So last night i was so eager to play but i can't make any depo coz fee was .001 lol So a friend of mine sent me a 10k tip. I tried a new strategy from my friend which is 77.77% win chance on manual bet. I started with 2k bet and when i hit 3 consecutive greens, i always lessen my bet up to 300 sats. Whenever i get 3-4 consecutive reds, i go all in. From 10k i reach .0037 in 15 minutes of doing it. Even my friends @ravenyvolle @neya and @kate3003 made a profit out of this strategy (coz we all tried this last night). When i reach .005 i changed my strat into 9x and busted it all xD. You can also try this even with small balance you just need to follow your guts if you will change side or not. Good luck guys and gals!
    P.S this strategy is tiring but it's worth it
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    kate3003 reacted to ravenyvolle in Deposit Bonuses are Traps   
    I believe that deposit bonuses are traps that in a long run before you will finish your wagered requirement, you will lose all your balance and waste your time. This happened to me like most of the time, when I am about to finish my wagered requirement for instance, i am at 89% already, I go bust and lost all. 
    It is their way to entice players to deposit because of the double your balance or 120% bonus but I feel like these bonuses are rigged. Just my opinion anyway:)
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    kate3003 reacted to neya in Bitcoin sa Pinas   
    Hindi pa kc maxado kilala stin ang bitcoin.kya ung iba hindi pa makrelate.at bank din ata is against sa bitcoin.
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    kate3003 got a reaction from bloomy in Mga munting paalala ;)   
    yehey salamat sa paalala at sana wag talaga mang abuso ang iba para lang sa satoshi. mygod!! may pride paba cla.lol
    goodluck everyone maging masaya lang po tayo dito
    lets take it forever and claim our pride as PH <3
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    kate3003 got a reaction from ravenyvolle in From 0.03 to 0.22 to 0:)   
    aww sis this one is really the saddest point on rolling to you. careful next time sis. goodluck hope you gain it back soonest 
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    kate3003 reacted to ravenyvolle in From 0.03 to 0.22 to 0:)   
    So yeah you read it right. This happened like months ago in this certain site that I regretfully joined. It has a 5% house edge but since I am new to gambling, I did not see it as a warning that "hey Lovely!, you will lose"(yes I always talk to myself). I love deposit bonuses so I tried this one. I played so smoothly until I was busted using 2x strategy with 22 consecutive loses. Yeah 22 loses for Gods sake! Haha so yeah it is fun and disappointed at the same time ?.
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    kate3003 reacted to abbas50 in Abbas50 giveaways its anew topic u r welcome guys   
    well i have been giving alot of ppl giveaways as tips in the chat of primedice but now i will make it every here and then to give from the forums so i get more popular lol.
    first 100 people put ur nickname here i will be giving 0.002 to each one in total of 0.2 btc  soo lets see  
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    kate3003 reacted to Bes19 in Wadup wadup!   
    Hello everyone! I'm Bessie Mae but you can just call me Bes and i am from Philippines. I'm a call centre agent for 4 yrs handling financial account and medical insurance of all Americans. I am actually new in crypto world. I've been in Primedice for like 3 months now and so far so good. I tried different gambling sites but i stick with Primedice coz everything here is nice and flawless. Pd community is one of the best i've been with coz everyone is friendly, helpful and nice especially Admins,Mods and my fellow filipinos.
    I wish y'all a good luck on your bets and hopefully PD would stay here forever. 
    PS. i would love to have a Primedice mug
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    kate3003 reacted to ravenyvolle in Where is your "Dream place" to travel?   
    If I will be given a chance to choose at least 2 places that i want to add in my bucketlist are Paris and  New York. It is just my dream to travel those places and I have been saving money to be there:)
    I chose Paris because it is just so beautiful, the food, place and art is highly appreciated there, and of course Eifel tower is there too!
    And New York because I might sound crazy but I am so into this tv series called 'Gossip Girl" that i want to see the places they shoot the scenes in the show!:)
    I hope to travel these places before I turn 30 and hopefully to be with someone that he/she is worth travelling with:)
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    kate3003 got a reaction from akosiasin in Email login confirmation   
    I totally agree with this. Just like the blockchain.info when logging in need to received the confirmation link before to access your account it is more securable for us user's ?
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    kate3003 got a reaction from Jenn09 in An open letter for everyone   
    Thanks for the love letter sis.lol jk ?
    This letter is a great beggining to each one of us. Lets us be thankful that we are part of this forum which making us all build a community of friendships and not to have a enemy and be greedy to all the opportunities heading in this forum.
    Lets respect each other and spread the LOVE!
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    kate3003 reacted to 3mily in An open letter for everyone   
    I didn't understand anything except that you are thankful for moderators and no hate just love, but maybe others can read your mind. Good luck