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  1. hmmm i even tried 4x 5x 6x 7x 8x i randomly play with that back then i do pre rolled whenever i played higher p.o i do always pre roll and sets my pre roll base on my profit and basebet its a matter of understanding what ur playing coz if u play without profit then u must redo it again see whats wrong
  2. i always set my profit goals whenever i played and also the time i dont roll too long coz sometimes its too laggy so better set limit on playing
  3. i just fairly play and randomly in my p.o so it depends if im really into high profits im on high but i keep myself on being greedy so i need to stick on bal. p.o where is x2 πŸ˜‚ martingale strat yow πŸ˜πŸ˜…
  4. hmmm i think its fine so you can only view your own profit or loss🀣 tho i always monitor my stat so hopefully the command works well coz ive been trying it but no respond from bot yet so maybe its still on work i guess or im doing it right πŸ˜…
  5. hmmm at first my aim is the minimum amount of withdrawal but when i got it in minimum i still strive to earn until it takes more days then thinking again if ill withdraw but 2nd thought maybe nextweek πŸ˜‚ then boom got busted in the end hahaha
  6. i'm not into hunting numbers anymore cause i always be busted in the end and got tired of it XD i prefer playing with real profit tho i know hunting is good if you really hit that specific number that you'll been hunting
  7. my parent aren't aware that i'm actually gambling online lol only my sibling are aware and they are amazed about it πŸ˜‚
  8. lmao being greedy is sucks 🀣 it will bust you in the end, better try to set a goal when playing. but for me im using 2x now
  9. i dont do that kind of changing my seeds every now and then and even not monitoring it. i just directly play whenever im online πŸ˜‚ and put my instinct on it lol
  10. i always played 2x p.o and its doing fine this past few days but sometimes it will bust you in the end if you play long time and maybe see the opportunity when rolling on reds coz i usually made big bets when i see that its gonna be green. we cant escaped in busting tho all strats are risky its just depend on how will you play it
  11. i havnt done this kind of strat when playing i think ill give it a shot, its quite interesting but i actually do this kind of staff but i stick with the same coin, ill just switch coin whenever i got busted. ill try it later.thanks and Goodluck
  12. hmmm if hit my goal profit in big p.o ill stop and comeback again tom to play but sometimes when greediness hits you to get a lot more profit i play more.
  13. nasaan kana bloomy πŸ˜₯ wala ng mod sa PH room bakit ka umalis huhu
  14. at some point there is negative and positive entering in primedice as you can see its a gambling site so there this situation where you meet good people and bad people, and when playing its all about luck and quite good strat to play so when playing dont be greedy.hahaha but what i hate in my experienced is i got scammed who i lend and didnt pay me back XD
  15. i used always 98% then i set a limit on my losing stat then when it reach the amount i change my roll for recovering once recovered i go back again to 98% for wagering
  16. yeah the base bet for roll hunt is change but not in satoshi only for the other coins and the prize also they made a big difference so its a good thing i guess tho you'll be bust while hunting the rolls needed XD
  17. i always keep my self on rage bet and patiently playing and setting my goal for lil amount everytime i play but when i feel it hit green i put higher bet amount on it. hahaha
  18. 9900x is hard to hit these days have not yet hit it for weeks now. hahaha thats why i dont hunt anymore maybe 100x i can but higher no 🀣
  19. im not really focusing in the wagering part i prefer the profit i get whenever i play. but when im bored i do wager sometimes for vip but just lil and prefer not to bust all my bal for wagering.
  20. maybe tho its up to the owners and support in primedice tho we know they do good jobs on captivating players they make trivial games too
  21. eddie just asking if primedice doing charity works and i hope theres this kind of form in primedice which members can easily tip it even if it small amount but when it becomes bigger itll be helpful to some good charitable cost or support a certain charity πŸ˜… username: kate3003
  22. username: kate3003 happy birthday primedice
  23. its a great opportunity to those wagerers which is HR members lol tho looking forward to the 6th yr. bday of PD i know it will be blast whole week. GOodluck Rollers 😁
  24. i guess yes but at some point it is not a job to be really in when it comes to income maybe if you get it free playing and you got lucky to double or triple or more. and no coz it is a gambling lol πŸ˜…
  25. primedice is really awesome site. good luck on rolls guys. and thanks to the bonus doge for us to try new coins