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  1. eddie just asking if primedice doing charity works and i hope theres this kind of form in primedice which members can easily tip it even if it small amount but when it becomes bigger itll be helpful to some good charitable cost or support a certain charity 😅 username: kate3003
  2. username: kate3003 happy birthday primedice
  3. its a great opportunity to those wagerers which is HR members lol tho looking forward to the 6th yr. bday of PD i know it will be blast whole week. GOodluck Rollers 😁
  4. i guess yes but at some point it is not a job to be really in when it comes to income maybe if you get it free playing and you got lucky to double or triple or more. and no coz it is a gambling lol 😅
  5. primedice is really awesome site. good luck on rolls guys. and thanks to the bonus doge for us to try new coins
  6. i think you are doing good on that strategy...i myself also been exploring what strategy to used and im sticking to 3x payout and monitoring my rolls by just 0 bet then when i feel it hit green i raised it to 500-1000 hihihi but i know at some point rolls will rigged so i need to make a good decision but i strongly recommend to follow your guts 😅 and set limits on your rollings also.goodluck
  7. welcome welcome hope you have good experience in primedice community 😁 enjoy playing also!
  8. hope it will reach to 8k-8.5k 😥
  9. please to meet you too bud..hope you enjoy here in primedice forum 😁
  10. i prefer to watch korean drama 😂 tho im a fan also of korean movies try to watch some, there are many good movies with good quality. like train to busan, battle ship, miracle in cell number and many more 😁
  11. i have many in my mind but it focuses on one group alone.hihi its my babies from SOKOR!!! bangtansonyeondan (BTS)
  12. for its freebitco but im not that much active there so i must say it is primedice coz i even do deposit in it unlike in freebitco.😅
  13. kate3003

    Newly Active

    im just getting back also here been away for many months hahaha now im trying to be more active now. careful on playing tho 😁
  14. dont play too long, and make a target when playing 😂 its better to play with limits and dont forget to refresh coz playing too long sometime will rigged your roll 🤣 and follow your guts
  15. i think its best to get a hold of yourself when gambling. put some limit when gambling. its better to interact to your friends more than gambling all day and when you lost, it will make you play more and became frustrated in the end.😅