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  1. In the beginning, I was also constantly lost. It seems to me that the whole point is that you do not have enough experience. Apparently, you just need to fill your hand and learn some tricks. I think that everyone has their own. Even if someone shares some magic tactics with you, will it work because you just can't play properly? The important thing was that I didn't go any further when I lost. I just took a break, calmed down, and started again after a while. In my opinion, this is the best tactic. Also, you should study the casino you play well. There are a lot of casinos that work poorly. I play at Genesis Casino. Maybe you should try something more reliable.
  2. It's stupid to take such a risk for a 1.01 coef. I've seen a lot of times when people were losing their entire bank on bets like this. In this case, it's better to bet on underdogs. Even for a small bet you can get a huge reward, and everyone has a chance of winning, even it's football or mma, there is no one who can know the result before the game/fight. When you make a betting app on https://innovation-park.eu/, it's important to know all these aspects, if you want to get people to love your platform.