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  1. My vote for world widelife fund.
  2. Pankaj1999


    Hey freinds I'm new here , and welcome to primdice for your luck thanks.
  3. Make perfect decision , at perfect timing , and achieve goal at the perfect timing. That's are "play smarter".
  4. I think NBA , Soccer, Cricket is the best option for betting
  5. I hope stake is more trusted than other sites
  6. It's a better suggestions or experience of your because the darkest mode is on trend ,and it's also fav. for most of the people.
  7. The minute you think of giving up, remember the reason why you held on for so long. Happy wishes for your good luck your goal(platinum)
  8. Tare jameen par the bollywood movies which rialize or feel like a crying
  9. Dogs love their owners may times more than cats...
  10. If I'm loosing now, but I'm winning late ... That's all I want...👑