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  1. Told y'all i was hype for the NBA season
  2. thanks friends, 20% gold > platinum, hopefully soon!
  3. yeah coin dont matter, i always bet in real money values and go from there so coin # is irrelevant
  4. So hype for NBA season to start again. We should get a PD gamblers club going!
  5. Yeah, like @MakeMoneyBtc said, you can't be gambling what you can't afford to lose. It's a form of entertainment.
  6. There's the Harvard CS50 course online which si also a super good learning tool
  7. Yeah like flirty said, I just click on "VIP" and it's there. I however, can't see when I roll on my phone? Are you playing on computer or mobile?
  8. ty sir may the dice roll in your favour!
  9. Newbie on my way to Platinum lets goooooooooooo