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  1. if you want to remain happy while gambling you always have to take it as a fun entertainment game and set aside a particular amount of money that you can afford loosing before gambling. Also from other sites i've learned that it's very important to set and follow a final target and not get too greedy.
  2. I've been on other casinos (not sure if i can mention their names) and they're really good and popular and I assume are a big competition to primedice so if the owners want to keep primedice alive and growing they need to keep making more changes and additions based on the user requests to keep it new and fresh as well as more enticing.
  3. it is a casino and not a win-win situation, if you're lucky you win but if you continue you will eventually loose everything. what makes you think that they will pay you because after all the only goal of a casino is to extract as much money from the gamblers as possible.
  4. essentially the credit card company has the ability to check what website the payment is being done on so they can easily find the purpose of the payment and it's no wonder that apple would ban crypto purchasing like paypal etc because of many legal reasons
  5. omg 100 btc is a lot i would never do that because if there's one thing i've learned then that is never trust low payout bets unless you're making a long time strat from them
  6. welcome yo primedice i'm also a new user have played on a few gambling websites in the past and a friend of mine referred me to primedice so i decided to check it out. so far it's good because they are trusted and the ui is very good as well