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  1. I reached Plat on stake quite fast lets see how much time it will take to reach bronze here not so active in past few months.
  2. I saw this type of dice in another casino they were quite new i exactly don't remember the name but that concept blows my mind as it doesn't give that rigidity that if you have to hit 9900x you hav to hit either hit 00.00 or 99.99 you can hit 9900x with any number in this concept.
  3. As in real life casino's sounds and light play an important role to keep players engage in casino so does sounds in online as some people do like sound of wining bet and it give them adrenaline rush. And yeah those sound level adjustment bar is perfect sometimes when you loosing you feel so irritated haha that you wana lower sound a litile bit
  4. I don't know Sometimes i think primedice is only here because of its legacy as Eddie said in one of his streams They sometimes doesn't have any profits on primedice but that was due to one player but now i think PD will go ahead and has a bright future also.
  5. I mostly play on phone as my laptop is mostly for teaching purpose and doesn't use that much unless i want to hunt some payouts as they heat up my phone and cause some inconveniences.
  6. Loved the first one And if you can add some more fire in gray scale one that one would also look amazing
  7. Hey there yoyo01 here Plat vip on Stake had account on Primedice and totally forgot about this looking forward for amazing time on pd also.