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  1. A little story: Since childhood I was often invited my father to watch soccer matches, it makes me anxious to becoming a soccer player when I grow up and it turns out I often suffered injury during the competition, in the end my dream as a child was not achieved. Then enter the vocational school I aspired to be a mechanic and repeated failures always haunt me. Until now I've never felt the job according to my dream as a child, due to economic needs so whatever the job will I live. How about you?
  2. Life seems to always be attempting to stop death, is intelligence another attempt at completely preventing it.. Life, not human life.. get over your freaking selves.
  3. what hobbies you like the best? if I my favorite hobby is playing badminton How about you? Let's share here
  4. Users of the social network laugh new uniform of employees of chain of restaurants "McDonald's".The company worked on the new form together with designers Wararam Boswella and Bindu Rivas. According to representatives of a chain of restaurants, they tried to consider all wishes of our customers and employees. Users of social networks however, saw in gray clothes a hint of the imminent coming of a dystopian future or a world domination of authoritarian regimes. Some remembered that in the movie "the Hunger games" the people of the oppressed districts wore almost identical uniforms.
  5. It's just so sad to see a lot people now are more focused on their smartphones when they are together. In restaurants, coffee shops, malls, public transports and even here at home. I remember the days when internet was still non-existence, when we just hang out at my friend's place every night and yet we had so much fun just by fooling around. But now all you tend to see are people holding their phones and don't even bother to have a conversation with each other. Is this the norm of having fun now? Could people still go by without their smartphones or the internet?
  6. Maybe not to get rich, but sure as hell to earn a decent amount of money with bitcoins. How much money did you earn with bitcoins? Or did you lose some?
  7. Summer 2012. Diablo 3. I bought in game gold with bitcoin @ $3/btc - Spent 90 coins for 500 million in game gold. IGG = 35 cents / million now. I lose. /wrist