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  1. Since This forum will soon have shop and credits will be usable and transferable, it would be cool if the users in giveaway thread would need to set away(lock) the giveaway amount in credits before posting the giveaway once credits and shop is successfully implemented. There has been some spam in giveaway thread lately.
  2. I guess i didnt mention rules clearly, would be busy next week so i guess stretching this giveaway has no point. I will split the original 200k to first 4 posts. Roll on guys...
  3. Not really a bug, but i think places like official giveaway should restrict members other than PD team to start a new thread. Makes no sense to call it official if anyone can start a thread there
  4. Tried a little here. What do ya think about it
  5. Dash is an attempt to make cryptocurrency accessible to regular people. Dash boasts of its accomplishments like block size question which was resolved within 24 hours, its user-friendliness and intents to become like paypal or an Internet banking site – something familiar and intuitive to many people.Even is small time, Dash has shown some good signs that indicates a promising future in it. The transaction speed, interest of people in it, rapid development and its current price, shows that it may have potential to maybe overcome even bitcoin. Still there is a lot of way for the currency to cover. Anyone looking for profit and ready to take risk should definitely invest in Dash.
  6. Umm....guys it was supposed to be a topic where you vote for the video other guys posted on the thread http://forum.primedice.com/youtube/share-the-funniest-videos-you-find/ so share the videos on that thread and vote for the video you liked the most here. That's how i was gonna decide the winner.
  7. Post the videos you find most funny on youtube on this thread http://forum.primedice.com/youtube/share-the-funniest-videos-you-find/ and Vote for the video you like the most here along with your username. Complete both the steps to enter this giveaway, video with most votes would win. 1st video will get 100k 2nd and 3rd will get 50k each. (you can post as many videos as you like, but vote only once) Remember:Video with most votes will win, not the user with most votes. Format to vote: Link to youtube video you liked Username of the guy who posted it.
  8. What's better than Sitting back and watching funny videos on youtube in free time? So C'mon guys share the funniest videos you find on youtube. Laugh along with others and have a lovely time. Dont forget to vote the video you like the most here, http://forum.primedice.com/user-giveaways-(non-official)/a-small-giveaway/