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  1. 🏆 Last but definitely not least! 🏆 The last day of Roolympics has arrived! It’s officially your last chance to bag a prize! The final event features the much loved game of Dice! Make sure you have a steady hand to roll! Join in the final event by joining our Telegram to compete for up to $200 in prizes today! https://t.me/s/roobetcom
  2. Happy 4th day of The Roobet Roolympics! Roolympics is in its final days, and if you haven’t had a taste of GOLD yet - it’s time to make your mark! Today’s event is on Mines, and to win big you will need to watch your step. Wanna play? Join us on Telegram to compete for up to $200 in prizes today! https://t.me/s/roobetcom
  3. We are officially halfway through the Roolympics We are officially halfway through the Roolympics and things are heating up! Day 3 is all about Towers, so prepare for a mix of speed & strategy, and chalk up your fingers for some speed climbs! Join us on Telegram and top the towers with Roo! - https://t.me/s/roobetcom
  4. 🎯 Day 2 of Roolympics is here and today it is all about Crash! 🎉 If you didn’t participate yesterday, dust off your spandex, get in some stretches, and join us on Telegram for some summertime games and win up to $200 in prizes! 💸 https://t.me/s/roobetcom
  5. It’s Day 1 of Roolympics and today is all about Roolette!🎉 Join me, Mr. ROOO and my crew, on Telegram for everything you need to take 1st place. Get your sweat band out and bring your best Roolette game and you could win up to $200 in prizes!💸 https://t.me/s/roobetcom
  6. Hey, it's Roo. Look, I’ve heard that Howie is coming back and I wanted to squeeze one more event in. Head over to our Telegram for more of my clues. What I can disclose, is that you better dust off those running shoes and get ready for an action packed promotion line up! https://t.me/roobetcom
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  8. Hey it’s Mr Roo. Wanna play some games, break a sweat, and win some cash? I’ve got a BIG surprise coming up next week, with an action-packed line-up of games. Come join our Telegram and compete with your fellow Roobetters in over 12 events full of fun and games. I can’t tell you what it is yet, but it’s going to be GOLDen. Lots and lots and lots and lots of cash codes & prizes to be had. Xoxoxo -Roo https://t.me/roobetcom
  9. Check Out Roobet here: https://roobet.com/