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  1. Hello everyone, any of us here Hodling any good crypto!? Ethereum just hit ATH! let's show yourself ethereum holders! Lambo time is it
  2. Nice big giveaway for Christmas. Start hunting right now!
  3. i hope someone get heart attck with your silly joke
  4. yeah , they populations are double then whole country of mine here in borneo rivers , they even in sewerage systems now. they have no food anymore , too many of them. im gonna kill em with humane way, one shot in da head.
  5. nope , crocs took so many of our peoples lifes , if i see one and im holding a gun, trust me , they worth 1 btc per 100 kilogram.
  6. Awesome giveaway, let's do this. Good luck all big payout hunter.
  7. Recently I'm doing loads of bounty hunts hopefully the ICO I working on will worth something in future.
  8. The one I play was against the casino. I'm not sure which Chinese poker you point to. Can you give me the name of the card game?
  9. Fortunejack have live Chinese poker. They great site.
  10. Where the margin trader? What your prediction, will bitcoin hit the highest high today?
  11. Ahhh I'm late Mmmm, I wish Manchester United win! GGMU
  12. Too bad, as a gambler I found hard to keep my money. LoL Yes eth doing so good now. Probably eth will be the same as bitcoin price who know right. But I can see good future for eth.