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  1. I heard you win 500 xrp from 5 xrp that a good win. Wish you more luck and me too!
  2. Watch your session jist now,... Nice session you got there, everything is possible with dice when it's feeling like to give you the win, when it's got pissed then everything jist feel like not right, good strategy you got there anyway, glad ypu already put the money in vault hopefully you want win more next time. I'm trying my luck again after this, just loss 8k doge from 65 doge I've got from rainbot, hunting the 12.88 quest rather hard than I thought maybe I'm just too greedy lol.
  3. Nice win you got there, wish I have enough bankroll or enough guts to waiting for those hit to come out, I'm very impatient waiting for the roll to hit the green, maybe I'll try with xrp or tron later today. Gotta start hunting 500x before get bigger like yours. And LoL you take students to be like you. I wish you good luck getting your student.
  4. Hello there Betty, are N8sNathan too? Ypur name sound familiar and your betting Style are similar with n8snathan. If that you, then you one of the king plinko hitting those big win. By the way nice graphics designs over there, hopefully the team will accept one of you work. Last but not least welcome to Primedice community /family. hope you enjoy your stay here. Keep hitting those big payouts! More boom baby!
  5. Well that good for you, hope you will make withdrawal from those reload, I'm still working very hard to achieve my VIP level. Still on 26% that still long way to go, those VIP perks so good. non-VIP player like me have to wait for monthly reload which is not so good compare to VIP. This month I only get 500 sat maybe less lol. Cant Do much with it. 😂