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  1. In fact, I do not use trading applications, but I work on the famous Binance platform because the security on the official site is much greater than the security of applications as applications still suffer from gaps that allow the scammers to penetrate
  2. I am trying at first, I understand my psychological state towards the game mode so that I can make the right decision, but over time I use intermittent playing style with small amounts and I place bets that will not lead to a big loss for me and when I have five winning bets I place a larger amount
  3. I always satisfy myself with the profits I earn and greed for the professional player is something that does not exist because professionalism starts from the conviction and focus on that it must stop at a certain limit so that the positive energy is always there to complete the play later
  4. We cannot trust these people, they are not all good people. It is always better to accept the loss and try to learn from it and improve the way of playing because the gambling loss will make us learn, but the loss because of these people who take the money and run away is bad that makes me feel angry
  5. In the beginning, I would advise you not to believe all the methods that are put on YouTube, you must do it experimentally, then make sure and use them, for example, you can use some free casinos to try the tricks offered on YouTube, I did not fall into these ways because I was organizing my personal ways and I advise you to take advantage of my channel ( Joker Beard) I will always provide reliable things and you can contact me too, I will gladly help you
  6. I am an old player almost six years ago I used to play in a lot of casinos but I found that playing online is safer and more comfortable than playing with bad people and that is why I started with the 999 casino and now I am happy to join you
  7. It comes to the payment that we will get from working here in the forum if the payment is good with a low withdrawal limit then we will be able to transfer to the forum's casino and start to bet better. I am still new here
  8. It is a smart way, my friend, to find out the gaps in the game and the number of turns, but as long as 99% of this bet is linked to luck, these steps remain only a possibility that may be lost.
  9. They are just negative feelings related to the psychological state that accompanies us upon loss. I do not think that currencies have anything to do with profit and loss, but it is just a way to blame them to draw a new path of hope linked to another currency.
  10. My profits have a lot of uses. I certainly will not store them without success, but rather I prefer to invest, play and enjoy them instead of putting them in the wallet, and I will develop the most important strategies for dealing with profits later.
  11. By reading some important information with psychology that we should give a little time to this sadness so that we can get angry and take a better method and style, I did not lose long ago because I was in times of sadness standing on the bank of the river alone thinking better
  12. You have to use the double reward strategy and play with average bets for a short period in order to reach the percentage that you are lacking until you get what you want.
  13. I will talk about my personal experience, as I cannot generalize the actions of the winner, but when I win a large sum, I divide them into three parts of them to play again and the second section to buy the necessary needs and the third I give to my brother who suffers from paralysis in the feet
  14. This happened to me several times, but it was the beginnings. I did not lose hope. I advise you to be patient and expect everything. You as a good player to reach professionalism. You must take from bad conditions an incentive to develop your abilities and do not feel disappointed.
  15. I consider playing this way as useless and it is a way that ends with losing everything. The gambling player must be in constant focus so that sleep is important and when he feels that luck is no longer in league with him he must stop