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    BidaManEris got a reaction from Mahdirakib in What you think about the future of Primedice?   
    At this rate, Stake will soon overtake PrimeDice in terms of popularity and integrity. PrimeDice, with its recent changes (especially the penny rainbot), slowly pulls out people from staying on the site more often.
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    BidaManEris got a reaction from Chikou1306 in Happy 7th birthday, Primedice 🎂   
    Happy birthday PrimeDice! I only wish your old prestige can be restored like how Stake is enjoying its own now. Keep making Eddie rich and the rest filled with fun and thrill for a chance to win! ☺️
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    BidaManEris got a reaction from HeyImBiggieJ in Add a German chatroom to Primedice   
    No, the ENG room is enough. There's once a suggestion here on adding a chatroom here (I think it is Chinese) but it failed despite number of Chinese players lurking around pretty decently. People would just really prefer going to the universal chatroom after all.
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    BidaManEris got a reaction from Mahdirakib in Hello!   
    I will cut my introduction to a very short one as most people who stay on PD chatroom probably knows who I am now. I am not new in PD, but just decided to jump in to PrimeDice forums today. Wish us luck dicers!
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    BidaManEris got a reaction from nolep in Hugs can reduce feelings of loss.   
    If you are an avid fan of gambling for fun, regrets are of little things that you would actually worry. Feeling regret and guilt after gambling only means that you have problems that you need to consult with a professional.
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    BidaManEris got a reaction from Rilex in Losing make  difficult to sleep   
    This is natural because the adrenaline you feel while on the heat also triggers cortisol hormones to generate with it if you are losing your balance. Cortisol (sad hormones) hit its peak when you realize you can no longer recover.
    If you cannot sleep because of losses, try doing an activity (such as exercise or a stretch) and do not drink alcoholic or caffeinated drinks.