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  1. Gambling causes anxiety which will later result to depression. And if not properly control it can lead to suicide and can also lead to broken home and rejection.
  2. Yes. I believe it depends on the individual. When you put all you have including your psychological being that is when will begin to have health effects on that individual.
  3. It will make me confused and over think. And i will be having thought like why didn't I do it this way. And even when i try to sleep, my dream will be consecrated on how i lost.
  4. I play music like enya to keep me hopeful and optimistic and i also keep well brew tea close to me. But, i hate distraction and love staying alone.
  5. Reaching vip is something that take sacrifice and determination. Though i have not wager before, but i know it worth trying
  6. Good luck with it. Do ensure you keep an optimistic mind. Because when gambling anything can be possible.
  7. Wow! It could have been me. I will first go to Paris will my family and from there i will move to United Kingdom
  8. I will love to go to united kingdom and Italy, Rome to be specific
  9. To cope depression you need to stay optimistic all day. Look for the best thing you enjoy most and do them and also, you should engage on social conversation with people or friends. Don't over think because it will drain your energy.
  10. Be sure that he fund of you and he trusted you before saying anything to him. And be mindful of your word.
  11. I don't think it is safe. Because it can cause hypertension which may result to depression, paralysis, depression and lastly death. Gambling is good when a person that is mentally stable. I have noticed that pregnant women get offended easily si i dont is its safe for them.
  12. My favorite is fruit. I can eat as much fruit my stomach can carry. I love fruit simply because it does not affect my digestive system. My best fruit is mango and plum. If i want to feel lively i will take those.
  13. I think the healthiest food is vegetables and fruits. Because They will take care of your skin and increase your metal ability.
  14. Tea keep me active and smart. That's why before i want to carry out task that will require me to think more i will drink tea.
  15. In other to loose weight you must drink enough water and also you be mindful of the kind of food you eat i think its better to eat vegetables. And reduce fatty food.
  16. I sleep or isolate my self when am feeling stressed out. Am allergic to smell of cigarettes.
  17. Drinking hot water will keep dehydrated and also cause easy blood circulation. It very good for those who in their 30s and those who have to much weight.
  18. As a computer frequent user you should always wear anti glare glass to reduce flicker from the screen and always keep coffee closer to you to keep you hydrated after been dehydrated.
  19. Losing weight will make you smarter and make you effective in your activities. Eating too much meat will increase weight and there by cause laziness
  20. You can keep your self in good health by drinking lots of water and controlling the kind of food you eat. Like me there are some food i don't eat. Most especially food that contain too much fat
  21. I love that technology. You can track you heart beat rate and your body temperature with the smart watch.
  22. Cancer can be reduced by not taking food that is burnt or that is rost with fire expose to the radiation.
  23. Depression is caused by over thinking. When you think to much you might end up been depressed. So the best way to get rid of depression is to be optimistic and hopeful take everything that happened to you as part of life.