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  1. I am aware of all the risks and that is why I am prudent in making my bitcoin investment decisions
  2. Trading apps are investment software that allow you to trade from your mobile phone 24 hours a day and anywhere in the world without having to be in front of your computer all the time, but the app I like is XTB's xMobile because it offers full access to over 1,500 financial markets including currency, index and commodities. The economic calendar informs you of current market news and events. It also promises to keep you abreast of what's happening in your portfolio through notifications and alerts.
  3. I think the Fibonacci strategy is the best, because it is a betting system based on the mathematical sequence discovered by a 12th century mathematician and is used to determine the size of your bet, which grows with losses and decreases with gains.
  4. I was like, well, that's weird, I don't know what happened... I laughed a little bit, it seemed normal
  5. Hi im glad to be here.