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  1. Hello, The giveaway has been paid. Congratulations to eligible players who received the prize. Thank you for choosing Primedice and helping us achieve this milestone.
  2. Hello all, Thank you for participating in the Talkative giveaway and keeping the forum alive. All the eligible users have received the share of 0.1 BTC which was 0.005 BTC per user. The winners are: Russia777777 kurian MrsRabMalfoy bakha0588 Bitcoinani Ssociety ampula Carollzinha Asombroso Kargai MrKnight8686 Noahbreezy Bitlol22 DreamStage PARANORMAL 1BTCbank Mistletoe zambidis mg0d badguy69 Wish you the best and hope to see more participants in the future.
  3. Congrats Demik1! Your prize has been credited.
  4. Primedice is getting closer to another milestone of 20 Billion bets The giveaway is for the first 100 eligible posters. How to claim 50k Satoshi: 1. Post your Primedice username on this thread 2. Your account will be credited as soon we reach the 20 billionth bet Requirements: Minimum 100 forum content Users with warnings are not allowed to participate in this giveaway If we catch you using multiple accounts you won't be credited. Note: We reserve the right not to credit any accounts we consider to be abusing this giveaway. Bonus: The user that hits the bet will receive the 0.03 BTC reward Minimum bet amount is 1000 satoshi If the bet is not eligible, the first one after the bet will receive the prize. Giveaway closes on 18th November 2017 15:00 UTC
  5. Hey, Forum Talkative giveaway is back! Primedice rewarding the most active members of the community which are making the forum fun and exciting place. Requirements: ยท Make 5 new Topics and 100 new Posts by the end of the giveaway - 0.1 BTC award will be shared equally between the eligible participants that reach the goal. - Giveaway will be credited directly to Primedice accounts. - If anyone caught spamming or using multiple accounts, it will be automatically disqualified. - Users with warning points are not allowed to participate. - Giveaway closes on November 11th, 2017 19:00 UTC. How to enter? Post your Primedice username below this post. Best of luck and enjoy posting!
  6. Hello ktfor57, Hungergames are completely managed by our respected players and more information can be found on this link Newbies are welcome on our site, we have happy hours and some occasional giveaways which do not require for users to have an old account. Hey Bes19, The issue is most likely on the phone, try with cleaning a cache and cookies in your browser if this does not help please reach us on live support.
  7. Hi devode, Please check our chat rules before you start using chat again. If you have any questions you can contact us on live support.
  8. Hey, Search is only available on this link https://forum.primedice.com/search Emojis on PD chat are visible when you send them through phone
  9. Appreciate your feedback <3
  10. Hey Stunna! Welcome aboard!
  11. Hello Kittwolfe, I tried to recreate this issue under same conditions as you described, in my case everything work flawless. Would you please check what is your browser version and send to us, also check if you have any extensions installed which can cause the problems.
  12. Same topic on https://forum.primedice.com/index.php?topic=568.0
  13. Time required between posts from the same IP is 60 seconds, so it looks like that you sharing the same IP address with other users on our forum.