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  1. The truth is I am not much for videogames but in this category my favorites are Call of duty and god of wars.
  2. It depends a lot on the history and the type that is .But usually I prefer anime
  3. I only have a dog jaja
  4. doflamingo96

    Talking to Pets

    if my dog could talk tell me to stop bothering him jaja
  5. well It depends because I like a lot the anime but sometimes I prefer to watch a movie or a tv serie
  6. right now in the small time that I have in Pd I prefer automatic for wagered
  7. I recommend to eat healthy do exercise and try to laugh more with friends and familiy , It helps for depression and pray a lot
  8. My wagered in the end of the day normally is around the 2000 and 3000 doges . But I have a day that I do 4000 doges
  9. Chavo del 8 es una serie muy chistosa de las mejores series mexicanas que he visto , si no es que es la mejor en cuanto a comedia
  10. My president is Juan Orlando Hernandez and I am very disappointed with him. This sick of Covid-19 is increase every day and we are one of the country that have more cases in Centroamerica.
  11. Hi kasinojacob I think that you take a very good decision to leave the drugs , because that attent to your health and money my advise is that you can gamble with responsability to not take an addiction to the bets , and I recommend you to set a goal every day of your bets. best regards too