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  1. Hello, welcome to this forum, I am new to the forum, I have learned about the forum guidelines and rules. Do I need to know more now and follow any other rules? Dear Sir if you could help @UltraChief
  2. I watched your video, I learned something from your video, you have a lot of patience to increase bitcoin, you can share your strategies with us
  3. Hello, I change the seed from time to time, because I change the seed when I am not profiting from gambling, you can benefit by changing the seed if you are lucky
  4. Hello, I gamble with a specific goal, I set a target every day, I skip gambling after reaching my goal, there are many who win gambling, and they do not stop after reaching the specified goal, I do not like them, I always like to gamble chained
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    Hello, welcome, you should follow the guidelines and follow the rules, thank you
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    Hi,i am jinnh,welcome to primedice,i like gamble,best of luck