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  1. i think pd is also planning for something great. we gotta wait and see if reload knocks the door or not.
  2. someone gambling at early age that is not good for future he won't show his interest to learn anything they'll get dedicated to the gambling only and eventually ruin his future so if i find a child gambling i would make them understand what is gambling is and this is not his age to start.
  3. yeah this is hurting me too i busted all coins and now the crypto is going higher and higher i'm really regretting at the present time.
  4. i usually change my seed every 1000 bets or sometimes when i get busted hard i do it
  5. yeah this is true win all the day and get busted at the time of sleep hurts more and you can't sleep at all just thinking about the bust
  6. i also got a big loss and the only reason was greed i was winning good and i tried to make more and i ended up loosing big
  7. this similar emojis i'm getting on my device from so long i don't think anything new has been added
  8. i myself use my account on both the devices i don't think that actually matters
  9. i tried that with some sites to see about their promotions and way they try to pull the users
  10. no it's not the thing . it will never effect the gambling platform.