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  1. I am new but feel that if the existing vault is not secure because it is not equipped with a key if you forget then it should contact support, maybe you should create a password while closing it so you won't remember.
  2. I can only be silent seeing the desperation that you do but managed to get profit is very impossible
  3. the race only made me suffer a lot of losses because the race was done by playing low payouts and constantly throwing away the balance we have just for the sake of very little prize.
  4. I have seen this feature from my newly joined and I also do not feel it is hidden as you said, I saw it when scrolling to the bottom to read and click on the forum.
  5. I will continue to play until I get the profit that I want, right, so I need a lot of balance to do that but I am always sick of playing when I have enough losses to deposit and keep looking until it hits.
  6. I play and never change the seed that I use, because even if you change the seed it doesn't affect the game you are doing.
  7. I don't subscribe to Netflix, so I have no idea what you're talking about.
  8. You can definitely get hit, keep playing and make a deposit and when you succeed hit the profits you get must be very large.
  9. Is the increase in lose not filled when using this strategy ? I read from the post that you made no, that means if I did not manage to hit, the balance will continue to decrease.
  10. Martingale The best way to recover losses made when betting, but the question is what strategy can reverse losses without using Martingle ?
  11. I prefer to play fast with a big bet because quickly getting the benefits I am looking for, I will immediately stop playing and will play sometime.
  12. finally I found a strategy wagered, I will try to be able to make me able to chat with each other in the chat room because at this time I could not chat at all.
  13. Hello my friends are still very new in this forum and very confused where to start, can you guide me so as not to violate the existing rules ?