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  1. i Nominate to MrNice23 for mod because of three things: 1: he always is online in primedice 2: he is He is very friendly and can be useful for new users of primedice 3: Mrnice23 will be a good mod in primedice
  2. boobs + ass = sex sex sex!!!!! ;D but i prefer boobs
  3. ready for eat!!! ;D ;D
  4. es bueno saber que yo no soy el unico que habla español en primedice
  5. Eso me gustaria saber ya que nunca veo alguien que sea de argentina chile o algun otro pais que sea de latinoamerica o españa
  6. hola, que creen usted sobre el precio de bitcoin? creen que subira a 2000 usd o bajara?
  7. I hope that add spanish section ;D
  8. felipev1994

    Who likes cats

    Ok guys, in my house i have 8 cats and i love cats
  9. When i was 18 years old, was funny 8)
  10. Congrats, i want get 700x
  11. Hello guys i hope that this forum will be my favourite forum