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  1. felipev1994

    Have you ever used a BTC ATM

    In my country there ATMs bitcoin, but i preffer buy in exchanges because is faster than buy in an ATM bitcoin
  2. felipev1994

    Martingale. Y or N?

    this deppends because with martingale you can win a lot of money, but same time, you can lost a lot of money i recommend a big "N"
  3. dogecoin in primedice is good because we can create a better strategy with doge for win i think that this should be 20 the minimum dor share to friends and other in the chat
  4. felipev1994

    Get your free 350 doge from the staff

    good luck to the guys that received this giveaway in dogecoin, today i just linked my email to pd acc lol
  5. felipev1994

    How to Win ?

    for win, you need have your mind focus in the game, no chat, no music, nothing....... if not you are lost, here there not strategy for win and you know this @MrNice23
  6. felipev1994

    New contest. Can win 100$ BCH

    hmmm... $100 this looks good, good luck to all the designers that participate in this contest
  7. felipev1994

    Scam Site Watchlist!

    Guys, warning with this scam site https://crypto-earn.info a guy named drift13x is sharing this scam site
  8. felipev1994

    First gambling site

    this was my first gambling site, primedice was my second gambling site and actually primedice is my favourite gambling site
  9. felipev1994

    Patience in playing

    patience is the best stratregy for win in primedice, if you have not patience, or make crazy bets (like all in or 50% of your balance), you will bust easily
  10. felipev1994

    [IDEA] Rain-ban

    probably is a good idea because some beggars receive tips of rain-bot without deposit or play
  11. me gustaria saber si alguien que habla en español tiene alguna buena strategia para ganar algo con el multiplicador a 3x (solamente a 3x), no creo en milagros pero con tal que sea una buena estrategia y que gane algo estaria bien
  12. felipev1994

    New Comer

    @Technono welcome to primedice world, good luck when you play in primedice
  13. felipev1994

    Desafío Semanal: Era Moderna

    suena bien este desafio, aunque es muy dificil obtener esos numeros. lo voy a intentar. buena suerte
  14. felipev1994

    Venezuela Citizens forced to used Petro

    i think that maduro is taking too much importance to petro, but force to use a crypto coin..... i think that he is forcing to use petro only for win money
  15. felipev1994

    Newbie here

    hi and welcome to primedice forum @Quel i hope that you get win in primedice. good luck