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  1. seeing this post, I became convinced those at the top of the rich, could not possibly do that much wagered or it was just manipulation.
  2. I do not believe this is genuine, it must be edited and if it is true that you managed to get it try sending a tip to make sure
  3. I'm very impressed with this, there are rarely players who can do it. it's very natural that you become number one in race
  4. I have installed the dice bot on my PC but I don't want to run it, so I want to know if this can be applied without using the dice bot ?
  5. a very boring strategy because by using this strategy we have to keep playing facing the PC and with manuals, I like playing auto because manually it will be a waste of time.
  6. I continue to use Martingale and I can still get the profit that I am targeting and also I feel you are out of luck so that you are losing.
  7. I have never replaced the seed that I used until the seed managed to get a profit and hit on the payout that I had set, so that if I suffered a loss I would deposit it in a way that I kept going.
  8. I play using animation, animation makes the course of the bet look very interesting to look at so I don't get bored while waiting for the bet to run and also the speed of the dice is the same as the animation and not animation.
  9. gambling here can use bots, how can I play using these bots do I have to buy it so I can play or can get it for free ?
  10. gambling is not something that needs to be banned because people play gambling to get profits and if money is lost that I feel as a player not a government that bears money, punishment is very useless.