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    Dice got a reaction from nolep in Have you ever gambled when you were drunk?   
    No,not yet..because if i do so then surely i will lose my big amount so i  am careful😂
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    Dice got a reaction from nolep in Do you often give reaction ?   
    No,i don't often reaction on post...whenever i see a topic or comments is helpful for other, i give react on that post...and also give react on those post which is interesting like i react on your post..😉
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    Dice reacted to Carollzinha in The letter game   
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    Dice reacted to nolep in Do you often give reaction ?   
    Hello my friends want to ask if you are someone who often gives a reaction as an appreciation for people who have made posts or give replies ?
    I often give reactions as a form of appreciation that he has done by enlivening the primedice forum, I think it can make many people who will be happy and start actively like to discuss. 
    i am also very happy if I can become a champion and enter the leaderboard and make me more active. I am very grateful for those who have given react so I also gave it too.
    let's give your opinion...
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    Dice got a reaction from nolep in Does your country legalize gambling?   
    I live in Singapore and here gambling is legal...great opportunity for us😉
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    Dice got a reaction from Carollzinha in Looking for Reviewers (French, Hindi, Korean, Turkish, Vietnamese)   
    Sorry,i am from Singapore... But i will help you to find them if i get one Japanese or korean...i will mentioned you then😍..they will help you surely
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    Dice reacted to Pyrotech in What Christmas gift do you want this year?   
    I wish i had 1BTC as a christmas gift.
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    Dice reacted to donreyadano in BCH halving will go up or down?   
    Do you think if I withdraw my coins now from primedice to coins.ph wallet application like yours, it is ok?. Because my application if you withdraw it there when the coins go up or down my coin will be affected, so to not be affected I need to convert it to peso. I think coins now are not stable so maybe I will keep them to my vault until the value of coins go up does coinomi wallet can convert crypto to peso ?
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    Dice reacted to EmirhanDemircio in Bitcoin will reach a price of $ 8K   
    Bitcoin will be up soon but first it'll see 6k$ again buy when it hits lower than 6k$ than u can sell from 8.5k$. and lets hope some luck to hit 20k$ xd