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  1. So both stake and primedice off pay per post...sad news
  2. The forest in my country i like best
  3. " 😂Currently listening arijit singh song"tom hi ho"
  4. Same as you brother... Whenever i win a bog match in gambling, i like to cash out some money and go restaurant and eat whatever i wish.. Great opportunity primedice give it to us😂
  5. Yes ,we can easily earn bitcoin by two ways in my view...if you are play gambling then you can easily earn bitcoin from there or you can invest bitcoin in a good site..but both is risky😂
  6. I think the scientists right.. By the way,i usually play gambling for 4 hours..because i dont have much free time..
  7. No,not yet..because if i do so then surely i will lose my big amount so i am careful😂
  8. Dice

    Do you?

    Not yet feel bored with gambling because in gambling sometimes i won which give me inspiration to play more 😂😂..gambling is a great way to pass our free time so it never make me bored
  9. Without any doubt i will cash out all money and buy food for poor people who are now remains fasting for corona effect😢😢
  10. No,i don't often reaction on post...whenever i see a topic or comments is helpful for other, i give react on that post...and also give react on those post which is interesting like i react on your post..😉
  11. Sorry,i am from Singapore... But i will help you to find them if i get one Japanese or korean...i will mentioned you then😍..they will help you surely
  12. I live in Singapore and here gambling is legal...great opportunity for us😉