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  1. 100k$ is a lot of money what he says is almost impossible but you know not is impossible it only takes time
  2. Apart from trading and other ways this site is also a big way to earn bitcoin truely.
  3. Very sad new I wish him internal rest may God bless his soul.
  4. You're highly welcome, how are things going around here for you..
  5. Mohwaz


    You're welcome friend the first thing you should before posting is to read the rules of the forum and you should understand how things works here.
  6. You're welcome as I read the forum laws it clear and understandable so I'll advise you too, to read the rules
  7. I want to know how long it will take if I switch from ETH to btc
  8. Yes gambling is legal but am no that type that love gamlijg that much
  9. I am using coinbase for trading its really good and trusted.