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    Jolin123 got a reaction from nonce in What would you like to see in the next version of Primedice?   
    The current version of PrimeDice is as simple as it can be. I came to PD at the start of April, and honestly I thought "Oh this place has been around since 2013 yet everything is still so simple. Finding profits in simplicity I guess", which is good, nothing in PD is causing any troubles for lacking, really.
    Although, what would make PD better? I'd say adding more functions. I know PD doesn't really care about adding more, but it's just a nice thought to have. "Stop at balance", "Stop after x streak", "Switch sides",... there're so many people use, and not everyone would like to mess with bots okay? Just a thought, we already know PD doesn't care about adding functions. There's literalyl ChatBot that tells you to get a bot to do those functions for you.
    Another thing I think would be good, but it's almost quite a stretch to even think of, is being able to buy cryptos straight from PD. I KNOW, I know, impossible, yes, so it's just a dream, but think of the convenience lol also PD gets a small commission off of it so win-win? Except again PD has to add a function so dreams are just dreams I guess
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    I set limits to myself, but I do it like, I vault all of my balances, then take out an amount to play. The only goal I need is to earn enough to put back in the vault as much as I'd taken out, and if all things go well, I'd put in more than that. I do it so that if I were to bust my current balance, I wouldn't be mad and rage bet, since I've recover my original amount
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    No and I never intend to. You do dumb decisions when you're drunk, and people here have lsot it all when drunk gambling so lol
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    Well it's all based on luck, and if you don't change your strats or seeds after a while then of course you might win or lose it all.
    "The house eventually wins" after all, there's nothing that's 100% win