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  1. Bet: 59,202,821,998 placed by vaibhavsingh on 25/05/2020 Wagered 0.00380000 Multiplier 30.00x Profit 0.11020000
  2. 95.23: Bet: 59,189,287,525 placed by vaibhavsingh on 25/05/2020 Wagered 0.00015600 Multiplier 6.00x Profit 0.00078000 89.36: Bet: 59,189,740,990 placed by vaibhavsingh on 25/05/2020 Wagered 0.00003900 Multiplier 6.00x Profit 0.00019500 13.38: Bet: 59,189,780,713 placed by vaibhavsingh on 25/05/2020 Wagered 0.00007800 Multiplier 6.00x Profit 0.00039000
  3. Bet: 56,393,243,706 placed by vaibhavsingh on 28/04/2020 Wagered 0.00006000 Multiplier 10.00x Profit 0.00054000 Bet: 56,393,515,573 placed by vaibhavsingh on 28/04/2020 Wagered 0.00006000 Multiplier 20.00x Profit 0.00114000
  4. yeah the stats are pretty obvious even if you look at the races, they are much more harder to compete in on stake than on primedice because a lot more people wager big there also there's usually 2-3 times more people online on stake at a given time as compared to pd. in my opinion this is kinda expected because stake has a lot more interesting and fun games along with sports betting as well.
  5. my highest wager has been around 0.01-0.02 btc because i usually don't like to do low payouts or very high risk all in bets so i prefer to bet low amounts on 4x or 5x payouts although wagering higher amounts on low payouts is a very easy way to level up vip but still it has it's risks
  6. I mostly play on primedice just for fun so it's very rare that i end up making a lot of profit but i do like to play slowly until i am in a position to withdraw at least my initial deposit then play around with the profit.
  7. Bet: 55,254,123,144 placed by vaibhavsingh on 14/04/2020 Wagered 0.00020000 Multiplier 49.50x Profit 0.00970000
  8. I think that the best way to play is to find your sweet spot between going too ham and risking it all on a few bets and going too slow and not making any profit. So i recommend playing slow and careful but with a decent profit target in mind.
  9. If you want to try and increase the dicebot speed you should disable the live chart etc i usually disable everything and minimize the dicebot and only keep the popup stats tab open to check for my current profit/balance etc. It can usually do around ~120k bets for me in 24 hours also the bet speed in the settings is only to slow it down you can't make it faster.
  10. In my opinion holding bitcoin is a solid option but not always the best, it's also a very good idea to invest in some new coins you think that can perform very well (like 10x or more) in an year or two. Also holding ethereum and ripple is a good alternative as well.
  11. yeah nolep getting to vip is fairly easy and has a lot of profits so in my opinion it is definitely worth trying to get. also betty nice hit getting a combination of decent basebet as well as multiplier is actually so rare
  12. I usually use the dicebot because it allows me to create and try out various strategies and leave it running patiently in the background, manual betting is ok sometimes but most of the times it gets too hifey and i end up busting and raging lol. Also i mostly play for profit not just for fun so using the dicebot often helps.