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  1. Hey,i am newbie here...i have come here with big hope that i can be a good member here...so i read first about this forum rule...i am lil bit panic as it so hard look at me...by the way,i need some senior friend who can help me out,how to be good member here and dont get warning easily.. Sir @UltraChief any advice to me ❤
  2. Best of luck in this forum i mean most strict and difficult forum with so hard rule..but i like this forum as here everyone stay with friendly relationship...hope we can be good member here
  3. Hey reboox,i am new here same as you. Hope i can be your good friend.. Help me out,how to be a good member here...let's enjoy this forum by build up a strong Friend ship...
  4. Thomad


    You are most welcome and as a newbie i have advice for you to read the rule of this forum hardly.. Because i have read this forum rule few minutes ago and understand it's hard to work here... So we need to be careful here ...