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  1. I think it would be good to reload on Primedice, because it will be good for everyone, it will be good news for many small players, I hope Primedice will arrange reload in the future, then gambling on Primedice will be widespread.
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    Welcome, you follow the rules and guidelines of this forum, you never copy paste, if you copy paste you will be considered spam and you will be banned
  3. There are a lot of beautiful movies in my opinion, but beautiful pictures depend on people's choice, I love to watch Hollywood movies, but not everyone watches Hollywood movies, I watch all Hollywood movies, because their graphics and design are great, my favorite movie is Avatar
  4. I think drinking hot water is good for health, drinking hot water is good for cold cough, helps reduce fat, drinking lukewarm water kills germs, so hot water has benefits for human body, so we need to drink hot water
  5. I think you can gamble while you are pregnant, but you don't always gamble because there is stress during pregnancy, you can't gamble properly because of stress, you can lose money on gambling, so I will suggest you when your mental You can play when there is no pressure
  6. This is a very interesting question, thank you for asking such a question, I love to eat fruits and I like to eat vegetables, my favorite fruits are apples, oranges, grapes, guavas, bananas, many more fruits. And among the vegetables, my favorite is pumpkin, bean, etc. Vegetables and fruits help to nourish our body, so we need to eat more fruits and vegetables.
  7. You asked a very nice question, I love to travel, my dream place to travel is Kashmir, Kashmir is the paradise of the world, I will travel to Kashmir, I want to go there, who doesn't love to travel, everyone loves to travel, but Not everyone likes all places, I like to travel to Kashmir, but many others may not like to travel to Kashmir, but I love Kashmir. I like Kashmir very much, you will be fascinated if you visit Kashmir
  8. Hello, to me this seems like fake news, the price of Bitcoin in Iran has reached $ 24,000, I do not believe that the price of Bitcoin remains the same in all countries, so this is a fake news.
  9. There is a difference between Primedice and Stake. the two sites have different team management, the two sites deposit and withdraw systems are different, so the Primedice and the Stakes are different.
  10. Hello, I like to gamble, I gamble for 2 to 5 hours every day, I think gambling doesn't do any harm to health, but all things have a limit, so gambling also requires a limit.
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    Hello, I'm really scared, I bet all the money on the gambling, I'm very scared of losing money on the bet, you can bet, have a nice day for you, thank you
  12. Hello, hey this epidemic has impacted my game, I can't gamble right now, now all markets are closed, for which I can't buy anything new, so I gamble less now, hopefully the pandemic will get better soon.
  13. Hello, I'm gambling, but I don't always take breaks in gambling, I take a break when I start losing more to gambling, thanks
  14. Hello, you can earn by playing Bitcoin, if you have good luck you can earn good Bitcoin by gambling, there is another way that you can earn by investing with Bitcoin, I hope you understand.
  15. Hello, there is a difference between Bitcoin and Ripple, Bitcoin is a very expensive currency, and Ripple is a very low currency, I like Bitcoin, I do not know if Ripple coin will ever reach Bitcoin, though it will take many days.