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  1. This is a very likely possibility, the virus has greatly affected all countries of the world, and China in particular, so many miners have stopped mining.
  2. Bitcoin price is uniform in all countries of the world, the price in Iran cannot be 24k USD and the price in other countries is less than that, this is not possible.
  3. There are many ways to earn bitcoins, such as casino games, referral links, mining, trading and investment through some platforms, and many other ways.
  4. We were all really shocked to hear this news, but we can't do anything about this, rest in peace .
  5. In my country, withdrawal is very difficult, because bank accounts and Paypal are not available in my country, so I have to search for an agent in order to convert Bitcoin into a local currency.
  6. This is illogical, now there are millions of people dealing with bitcoin, and some stores and universities have become allowed to pay with bitcoin, so I don't think anyone who deals with it will be punished.
  7. Bitcoin now imposes itself as the best cryptocurrency in the world, and the most popular, so I do not think that it will easily be abandoned.