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    salsa reacted to BettyBits in Checks out   
    i was trying to hit this for 3000 rolls . changed seed with maxium win %  and 
    Bet: 53,896,071,945
    placed by BettyBits on 29/03/2020
    0.00800000 Multiplier
    1.01x Profit
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    salsa reacted to Bimfo in Checks out   
    The thing about dice it, you hit your required payout when you least expect. The best thing is to gamble like a real gambler not like an investor. 
    I have seen your rolls and I can see you are really good with those huge payouts. That's really really cool. I learn from your bets every single day.
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    salsa reacted to williamsh in Does activities increase forum activity?   
    I suppose giveaways have the potential to do both, it just depends how scrictly you enforce the rules. Poor enforcement will lead to people cheating, which will destroy a community.
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    salsa reacted to DarkBlood096 in Lose   
    Most of the reasoning comes down to knowing when to stop when you have got your goal. Simply going for a tiny bit more can end up going sour and potentially busting in the long run. So my word of advice is when you have won some money, take it out!
    If you keep going, your only going to end up streaking to bust. Very few win because that's just the way casino's are.
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    salsa reacted to DarkBlood096 in Remembering our First day in Gambling ❣️   
    Funny enough I found Stake first and I remember the day a friend told me all about primedice. I was hoping it was a lot like Stake then I found it was just a dicing site, not that anything is wrong with that at all! Everyone was very nice to me. I was even known in the community before even joining the site since many of the Primdice users come from Stake as well. 
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    salsa reacted to Bimfo in Plans with your BTC balance   
    The essence of cryptocurrency is to spend and not to keep. It is too volatile to keep. Everyone that invested in the BTC in January are all praying that it should go back to 10k$, which is not the real reason why it was created. Very soon, the BTC will stabilize and there won't be anyway to cash out on it again. Very soon and not now.
    I am not good at investing in cryptocurrency but any cryptocurrency I have now, I change to Fiat and move on with my life. No time for unnecessary headache.
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    salsa reacted to nezar in Plans with your BTC balance   
    Currently, I am satisfied with working in the field of trading and storing currencies, where I buy many currencies when the price falls and then I wait for it to rise until I sell, but I plan to establish a small project in the future that can achieve me a very acceptable income