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  1. Yes bro he rest in peace already and i have heard this from my friend ....he was man of great kind...good keep him in heaven❤
  2. As we are crypto lover we must need to believe on bitcoin because its top currency still...and we should not accepted any fall news in internet because bit coin price going high again next year...so focus on it
  3. Hey how can you dare to play with this such amount..your roll position not good..feel pretty to see you get lose..by the way try to learn about gambling more and play with more awareness
  4. Hehe,don't angry..the type mistake..i mean you are senior member here and you should help us in every way as i am newbie here...yes forum rule..u had read about it...umm too much hard rule in this forum..but i keep follow all
  5. In this whole world people are follow one thing is,give and take...yes many member here for giveaway but they can be poor too or they need money...like this someday they will be In love with this forum and won't think about giveaway again..increase the forum activities is good i think
  6. Because they have no knowledge about gambling site as much as a gambling player need..they are greedy and thought if i play tbis game i get much profit but unfortunately he lose his money soon..so first we need to learn about gambling then try to play...it will be best for us..
  7. If you want to increase your money in a day then go to prime dice gambling site or you can invest your btc for a short term conditions.. Thus you will be able to earn much btc in a day but you can lost your money too.. Best of luck
  8. Thank you and hope you will support me as you are senior member in this forum...
  9. The story was pretty good when i joined gambling site bro..but undoubtedly when i going to play a in casino i lost my money which make me sad...but it's an experience so i console myself guys...what about you all??
  10. Without any doubt i focus on bitcoin because its price raising in 2019-2020 was pretty good...the price rose up to almost 12k which so unbelievable but now it price go down again for some corona effect..but hope so it price will be high again
  11. I am keeping my btc now because someday btc price will be more high around 50k which can Make me rich...yes i am try to hold invest of btc for long term to guys...moreover i wanna work with my btc like create an exchange site...