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    Selena got a reaction from nolep in Have you ever gambled when you were drunk?   
    I never drink alcohol, and I never bet with drinking alcohol. I bet only a hobby and love to try on an online casino only.
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    Selena got a reaction from nolep in Latest hidden features   
    Well, this is important to me. I will go to Prime Dice Casino to check the matter, but in a lot of platforms and casinos this information is not visible, why is it different here?
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    Selena got a reaction from nolep in How many wagered Primedice in one day?   
    It is difficult to know the amount of money that is placed in the casino in order to bet on it, especially since daily members join and withdraw members, this matter is known only to the forum owner and the casino. What is the benefit of knowing this?
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    Selena reacted to Magdsolieman in Bitcin Versers Ripple   
    It is very difficult to give up bitcoin because the most expensive cryptocurrency, which is since the creation of crypto, is, while Ripple is a currency that is still in the nascent stage and its mining ratio is low, and its price is less than $ 1 for this reason. It is not good to compare the best and highest price currency with A new currency is under development
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    Selena reacted to Tom moli in Bitcin Versers Ripple   
    The Ripple coin has a very low price and needs a lot of time to reach the bitcoin level, as it is affected by the bitcoin price, meaning that if the bitcoin price falls below the level of financial support, this means the disappearance of the Ripple coin
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    Selena reacted to saraanna396 in MikeTheMug dead?   
    We were all really shocked to hear this news, but we can't do anything about this, rest in peace .
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    Selena got a reaction from samina Noreen in Lose   
    Your question is extremely important simply. Gambling is a double-edged sword, so you should expect profit or loss, but the main reason for the survival of the site is the loss of the largest percentage of people, especially it is a game of luck, not like gambling games that depend on intelligence, so you should stay away from addiction.
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    Selena reacted to nolep in Latest hidden features   
    hello friends primedice, I myself have not long created a thread and share opinions for all of you because it has a lot of activities.
     I have a lot of free time and accidentally discovered the latest feature that I just found out, a price feature that when you choose the coin you are using it will show the price. this feature is very helpful, when playing and calculating how many targets we will look for,
    here is what I will circle

    hope that helps, thanks.
    don't forget to give your opinion about this feature
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    Selena reacted to Bimfo in How many wagered Primedice in one day?   
    Nolep, I don't know. But what really do we want to discuss. The only people that can say or answer anything about this is the CEO or the Owner. There is no how we can estimate how much is been wagered on Primedice or Stake in a day. It cannot be Estimated. There are a lot of people that come almost every day here. 
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    Selena reacted to nezar in Have you ever gambled when you were drunk?   
    You are right that playing during the influence of alcoholic beverages is very bad, as it will expose us to big losses due to not knowing what we are doing, so I hope that everyone will stay away from playing during sugar.
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    Selena reacted to nolep in Have you ever gambled when you were drunk?   
    hello my friends want to ask if you guys have gambled when you were drunk, I myself have never done it because it is very dangerous and certainly will make control of ourselves will be very difficult and can cause enormous losses.
    but I have a friend who gambled when he was drunk and he managed to make 0.1 bitcoin very quickly so he played and did all in 0.06 bitcoin and it worked. he was in a semi-conscious position and I was just surprised to see that he had succeeded🙂.
    how about you guys, have you ever gambled while drunk?
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    Selena got a reaction from nezar in What is your trading app?   
    I rely on that on the most popular platforms. I find trading on the casino of this forum an important thing and I will try it. Currently, I trade on the Binance platform and on the Yubit platform, they are the best for me.
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    Selena reacted to MrNice23 in some investors hope for cryptocurrency   
    Security and Volatility of BTC price are in my opinion what worry the most investors , people who wants to make a project ralted to btc for e.g, i'm not talking about traders.  So if they work using BTC it's pretty risky for them since one day 1btc can be equal to 10k usd , and the day before it could be worth less then 8k usd....
    Concerning security it's also an big issue since many exchanges has been hacked and many individuals as well , so crypto world isn't safe yet.
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    Selena reacted to Eminx3 in some investors hope for cryptocurrency   
    yeah if things were stable then ᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎investing wouldnt really work out would it?
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    Selena reacted to @zulfandina in some investors hope for cryptocurrency   
    many investors are afraid to invest now because there are many bitcoin banks that concede. it seems like this will continue ...

    do you think there will be a high level of security that can secure the assets of the investors themselves? or will it continue like this?

    I hope that in the future the security forces tasked with securing crytocurrency will find a tool or whatever to secure cryptptocurrency banks throughout the world.
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    Selena reacted to @zulfandina in some investors hope for cryptocurrency   
    Hopefully in the future the level of security for cryptocurrency banks will be better and more stable ... because with increasing market share, hackers will automatically begin to show their shrewdness in hacking accounts of various blockchain customers and trying to bring the amount of bitcoin or other cryptocurrency on a large scale. and this has happened several times, this is really a very despicable act .. I'm sure that the hackers are a group of people who are very genius, but misuse their expertise,
    if in the future the level of security in all crytocurrency banks improves and security officers are increasingly generous to their duties, then we as one of the cryptocurrency customers will feel safer from the work of hackers who seem to never stop robbing bitcoin banks ....
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    Selena reacted to Chikou1306 in What is the best way to earn bitcoin today?   
    i would say, investing, gambling and trading , i dont really think mining is the right thing to do now, its too late for it, i doubt there are people still mining nowadays ! if you want to make btc then you need btc to start with !!  and if you are looking for free money than you can work as free lancer to collect some coins to start !
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    Selena got a reaction from MrNice23 in Where is going Primedice?   
    Conditions may be harsh and the site is forced to close, but this site is one of the most ancient and splendid gambling sites and even if it will be closed I suspect that this will not happen suddenly there may be alternatives so you have to live this moment happily without negative thinking because it will affect your performance in the present time
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    Selena reacted to Tom moli in What is your trading app?   
    I do not use the applications I trade via the famous official platforms such as binance platform and yobit platform I do these two platforms for trading and investment, but I have no confidence in other applications
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    Selena reacted to Magdsolieman in What is your trading app?   
    I trade on platforms but I have not tried the applications yet, I use the Yubit platform because it has a fast conversion and low ethereum transfer fees and therefore my reliance within that platform to trade Ethereum but its drawbacks are the high bitcoin transfer fees
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    Selena reacted to wassouf in What is your trading app?   
    For me, I prefer trading on the Olymp trade platform, it is easy and clear, especially for beginners, and it also provides a demo account, through which you can try many strategies for trading.
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    Selena reacted to Bimfo in Lose   
    Lol. Short and decisive topic. It is so simple, the reason why people bust is because it is a gambling site, You are not expected to win at all. If everyone wins, there won't be a gambling site in the first place.
    So enjoy the moment. Roll with fun, don't get addicted and you will be good to go. Also, don't stick to one strategy and don't let greed consume you. Greed is our greatest enemy. Especially trying a few rolls after you reached your target. Very painful and annoying.
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    Selena reacted to nezar in Lose   
    Because there are a lot of people who are encouraged, that is why they continue to play until they are caught. I hope that you will make your participation the next time more useful and more than 100 characters, otherwise you will be warned or banned.
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    Selena reacted to 1vgvgvgvgvg1 in Primedice and Stake?   
    Both looks very similar and have links to each other - which one is the parent/main site?
    I guess both are controlled by the same owners?!
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    Selena reacted to nolep in How much is Primedice profit for one day?   
    Hello friends, do you know how much profit from primedice for one day, because I really want to know this.
    I myself predict primedice profits for one day may be around 20 bitcoin or even more, because of course the profits are always changing but there is a daily profit target.
    what do you think is the profit for one day?
    thanks .