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  1. The price difference between Bitcoin and Ripple is very large. Ripple cannot reach the level of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the big father for cryptocurrencies. From my price observation, I expect that if Bitcoin price drops too much, Ripple may disappear.
  2. This is unfortunate. May he rest in peace. This person was wonderful and wished everyone good and success
  3. This is good and we must continue to work regularly and share good topics and not to create spam until we have a good gain We must work as a family and cooperate and care about this wonderful forum
  4. Since I am new to gambling, until now I have not felt bored, but I always put myself to a limit for losses and limit to the capital that I will bet on so that I do not reach the stage of pessimism and lose all my money
  5. I very much wanted to help my friend but the two required languages are distinguished languages but if you want references for languages (Spanish, French and Italian) I am ready and I will gladly help
  6. Well, this is important to me. I will go to Prime Dice Casino to check the matter, but in a lot of platforms and casinos this information is not visible, why is it different here?
  7. Good luck, it is really fun, and it gave me a lot of desire to start this great experience with one bet. I was able to get this amount in addition to these distinctive graphics. We still wish you success.
  8. It is difficult to know the amount of money that is placed in the casino in order to bet on it, especially since daily members join and withdraw members, this matter is known only to the forum owner and the casino. What is the benefit of knowing this?
  9. I never drink alcohol, and I never bet with drinking alcohol. I bet only a hobby and love to try on an online casino only.
  10. If you have enough capital, you can increase your profits by investing on one of the famous platforms and by working in the forums as well, as this wonderful forum offers a decent gain.
  11. But how will India ban cryptocurrencies is one of the most influencing countries in the price I have read a report saying that India is the largest contributor to the rise in the price of bitcoin in 2019 this news should not be true from one of the sites that stand against cryptocurrencies
  12. I rely on that on the most popular platforms. I find trading on the casino of this forum an important thing and I will try it. Currently, I trade on the Binance platform and on the Yubit platform, they are the best for me.
  13. Your question is extremely important simply. Gambling is a double-edged sword, so you should expect profit or loss, but the main reason for the survival of the site is the loss of the largest percentage of people, especially it is a game of luck, not like gambling games that depend on intelligence, so you should stay away from addiction.
  14. Selena

    Full Quarantine - GR

    Yes, and I am in Canada, we have stopped many centers, and remote work has become a necessity. I hope the casino will remain during this period because it offers everyone help in these nervous times.
  15. Yes, I got to know this forum by working in the Stake forum, but I think that the profits that the primedice Forum is greater are even greater because it pays members more than Stake even though the owner himself