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    Nikola_ got a reaction from Coolandy55 in New kind of statistics to replace the now discontinued profit stats   
    yes I think it will be interesting and useful if it is actually implemented.  usually I need to observe directly to find out, or what is easier to do by playing on dicebot.
    well it is indeed unfortunate, now we need to contact support to find out even though it was easier before.
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    Nikola_ reacted to Dan in 📢 Discontinuing Pay per Post   
    Hi All,
    Today marks the end of an era for our Pay per Post initiative on the Primedice forum.
    For 4 years now, we have been running this initiative to help develop a flourishing community with the intention of encouraging the production of quality content creation and discussion, coupled the ultimate goal to fuel a larger SEO reach.  This long journey has been a great learning experience for everyone involved.  
    Thank you everyone who participated in this fruitful initiative, I'll leave you all with some fascinating facts about what we were about to achieve over the years.
    Total Cashouts: 1528
    Total funds distributed: 0.98541273 BTC
    Number of users paid: 421
    Most earned by a single user: 0.05489903 BTC
    With regards to your forum reward balance, that will remain for a few months until it is also phased out.  
    Cheers, Dan
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    Nikola_ reacted to Chikou1306 in Happy 7th birthday, Primedice 🎂   
    we all know what this month is ! its the primedice month , in this month eddie started this amazing project
    so i just wanted to be the first one to congratulate the community 🎂
    happy birthday primedice , and i wish the best of luck to  all the players ☘️

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    Nikola_ got a reaction from Chikou1306 in Happy 7th birthday, Primedice 🎂   
    happy birthday primedice hopefully in the future even better.  I don't know if now is the month because I also just joined Primedice since the end of 2018. Hopefully at this time it's easier to me for make a profit, too hopeful lol.
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    Nikola_ reacted to @zulfandina in How much is your deposit and withdrawal for one month?   
    if calculated in detail, maybe only a few people who are in the category of "win" in the bet he made when compared to the deposit he made too. just don't despair about it. because in gambling anything can happen. so, achieve your victory, and never stop trying
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    Nikola_ reacted to @zulfandina in My Challenge in Primedice!   
    I think if you hope to double the prizes from this forum to complete the challenges you might have made for yourself, I suggest making a deposit, first to increase your balance.
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    Nikola_ reacted to Mahdirakib in How have you come to gambling?   
    I'm in gambling since 2017. Wasn't playing much on that year. But lately it become my regular habit. I started my crypto journey earning through faucets. And it made me introduce with gambling sites. While searching for free faucet sites at bitcointalk, I found info about gambling sites there. Then I thought I should give it a try. Now I have learned a lot about gambling. But I'm not a winner in it. 
    How you have come in gambling world? 
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    Nikola_ got a reaction from Mahdirakib in How have you come to gambling?   
    similar as you said friend, I also know crypto gambling from claiming a free faucet that I used to do often since 2018.  I started playing gambling actively since mid-2019.
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    Nikola_ got a reaction from nolep in How much is your deposit and withdrawal for one month?   
    this month I have not done both friends, but last month I had two times made a deposit and only once did wd.  of course it will make a balance if the results are large but if calculated as a whole I have not yet benefited.  I hope this month will be a new hope.
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    Nikola_ reacted to gondrong in Pay Per Post sama dengan Sebelah   
    untuk yang newbie mungkin nunggu sampai post 50+ dan harus minimal 2 paragraf baru akan muncul sendiri pay per postnya jadi usahakan melebihi agar pay per post agan bisa keluar namun jangan sampai oot supaya agan juga terhindar dari warning..
    pay per post di sini dan di sebelah gak ada bedanya untuk saat ini gan.
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    Nikola_ reacted to nolep in Buy a house from gambling profits   
    I have very often written about the losses I experienced, so I need to also write about the targets that I really want to achieve. but this seems very difficult because for items like electronics I have managed to buy it, but for the house it is very difficult 😔.
    I don't have a house yet and I really want to be able to collect the profits I get to buy a house, I'm really trying to be able to get a profit and buy it right away.
    I will make a logo primedice on the door of the house if this really success 😀
    How about you guys, is there anyone who really wants to buy a house like me ?
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    Nikola_ got a reaction from paddyspub in PaddysPub wagering technique   
    thank you for sharing a friend's, I usually play with the automatic features like the others and the results are pretty good.  later I will try this method, hopefully I can get the appropriate results.
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    Nikola_ reacted to Chikou1306 in Losing everything due to gambling   
    so sad to know ! i know a similar story of a primedice player, he was about to sell his house to recover his loss, he lost around 50 btc in one day ! but he could recover some later without selling his house ! thats why we always say play with only what you can afford to lose !
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    Nikola_ reacted to Mahdirakib in Losing everything due to gambling   
    A lot of people do same thing like this. And it's a very bad thing. I have seen in news that few people committee suicide after losing all their money and taking loan for gambling. We should always stay in limit. And if we see some struggling with gambling, we need to provide them best suggestion to get out from the situation. 
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    Nikola_ got a reaction from Mahdirakib in Cryoto price going up and you bust your coins in gambling?   
    not only you, as long as I play crypto gambling I also find it more difficult to profit when prices go up and vice versa, although I also win when prices are high but I go more to lose and that's the reason I reduce my gambling intensity.
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    Nikola_ got a reaction from sai99 in New sound settings in PD   
    I think it can be tricked by lowering the sound on your device to zero, maybe more people like it so primedice makes it so.  I myself often do it because I prefer silence to sound.
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    Nikola_ reacted to Mahdirakib in Have you ever gambled whole night without sleeping?   
    That's good decision. But 4 am still much late night. 
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    Nikola_ got a reaction from Mahdirakib in Have you ever gambled whole night without sleeping?   
    When I first started playing gambling, I did something similar to that, but now I've reduced it.  
    when I have gotten quite a lot of profit I will stop because usually it will end badly, and also I do not play long because it can interfere with health and end badly too.
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    Nikola_ reacted to nolep in Patience and confidence   
    patience is more important because when you get a lot of losses you don't need confidence, the most important thing is to control your emotions to not get angry and vent those emotions to the wrong person or get angry in the chat room, but that confidence is necessary because it can help you to get a lot profit.
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    Nikola_ reacted to Mahdirakib in I'm newbie   
    Hey welcome to pd and it's community. Always be respectful to forum rules. Share your thought and opinion with us. Good luck in game. 
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    Nikola_ got a reaction from Mahdirakib in Do you play better on mobile or desktop?   
    As long as I play here I am more comfortable to play on the desktop because I can do anything else while roll, but I also play in Mobile if it is not possible.
    Now I play more in the desktop due to this Pandemic.
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    Nikola_ reacted to nolep in Primedice and Stake?   
    that's one of the reasons the owner continues to develop stake, stake-shaped casino site so that it can get very much profit and for primedice there is likely to have reached the best point, just need a touch of promotion just to make new users come.