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    nezar got a reaction from Selena in Have you ever gambled when you were drunk?   
    You are right that playing during the influence of alcoholic beverages is very bad, as it will expose us to big losses due to not knowing what we are doing, so I hope that everyone will stay away from playing during sugar.
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    nezar reacted to Selena in What is your trading app?   
    I rely on that on the most popular platforms. I find trading on the casino of this forum an important thing and I will try it. Currently, I trade on the Binance platform and on the Yubit platform, they are the best for me.
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    nezar reacted to nolep in Have you ever gambled when you were drunk?   
    that's good friends, you don't do bad things when gambling and can play properly because the effects of drunkenness are not good one of which makes the body become unhealthy and also you can lose control and experience a lot of loss.
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    nezar got a reaction from nolep in Have you ever gambled when you were drunk?   
    Honestly, I have never done this, and this is because I never drink alcohol. It is harmful to my health. Therefore, most gambling games play and I am completely awake.
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    nezar got a reaction from salsa in Plans with your BTC balance   
    Currently, I am satisfied with working in the field of trading and storing currencies, where I buy many currencies when the price falls and then I wait for it to rise until I sell, but I plan to establish a small project in the future that can achieve me a very acceptable income
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    nezar got a reaction from Selena in Lose   
    Because there are a lot of people who are encouraged, that is why they continue to play until they are caught. I hope that you will make your participation the next time more useful and more than 100 characters, otherwise you will be warned or banned.
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    nezar reacted to nolep in two possibilities after covid-19   
    two possibilities after covid-19
    hello friends, I will share a very good news and invite all of you to discuss with each other.
    so I just made news from this cointelegraph news link https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-in-the-aftermath-of-covid-19-two-possible-scenarios
    I read after the corona virus there are two possibilities that will happen for crypto, I myself think only crypto can help me in this quarantine period to keep making money because trading can still run, and crypto is sure that every coin will have a very high price expensive. because it can still run in the middle of the plague like now.
    what do you think about the news ?
    I really want to know each of your opinions, thank you.
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    nezar reacted to Magdsolieman in What is your trading app?   
    I trade on platforms but I have not tried the applications yet, I use the Yubit platform because it has a fast conversion and low ethereum transfer fees and therefore my reliance within that platform to trade Ethereum but its drawbacks are the high bitcoin transfer fees
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    nezar got a reaction from Magdsolieman in Bitcoin Core wallet 0.18.1   
    Frankly, I do not know anything about this wallet because I always use a blockchain wallet so thank you for submitting this post and I will enter the link and read and understand everything
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    nezar reacted to nolep in Fewer active forum users   
    hello everyone friends, I want to invite all of you to discuss with each other about how to make this forum become active again,
    because I noticed the number of active users is decreasing every day, we can see from here

    There are no active users here in the half of the forum vote for our brother, according to you what is the most effective way, let's give your idea
    I think how to enliven invites everyone back to discuss with each other and discuss many things