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    Hello there!

    Welcome, I am very happy that you are with us, and I wish you success
  2. I withdraw money as some of them are used in the field of trading and storage and others are used in gambling and frankly most of my money is used in trading, it is very profitable to me
  3. It is very difficult for them to be able to prevent people from using the bitcoin currency, even if they slaughter many of them. The bitcoin currency provides a lot of jobs and money to the unemployed, and this is what makes them work in this field and care a lot about it.
  4. It will be impossible to give up the Bitcoin currency, as it is the most expensive encoded currency and the most expensive currency. Even if there is a large number of currencies, it will not be a better coin than Bitcoin in the crypto world.
  5. You are right that playing during the influence of alcoholic beverages is very bad, as it will expose us to big losses due to not knowing what we are doing, so I hope that everyone will stay away from playing during sugar.
  6. As for casino games and gambling, we can work in the field of trading, buying and storing currencies for a long time. These things are one of the most profitable ways to earn money. We can also work in some other forums that give us profits also by writing posts.
  7. As for me, I am storing the Ripple coin because I think it will have a great future and a high price even though the price is very low now.
  8. We can take advantage of the chat room to obtain a large number of advice provided by members, and these tips will help us very much in making money.
  9. At this time I do not plan to take any break, and this is because I play a little in the slot games, but if I want to take any break I will take it when I am exposed to significant losses.
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    Welcome my friend, I advise you to start reading all the rules of the forum and understand them well so that you do not expose your account to any risk because if you violate any of the rules of the forum you will be warned or banned
  11. Honestly, I have never done this, and this is because I never drink alcohol. It is harmful to my health. Therefore, most gambling games play and I am completely awake.
  12. I think that the volume of gambling games is many because of the quality of many people inside the houses, but playing by sports betting has decreased significantly and significantly due to the suspension of all sports activities
  13. This story is very beautiful and it is very good and interesting, but is that person still playing until now? I will also tell my story in the coming days. Thank you for sharing your privacy with us.
  14. Frankly, the work carried out by this platform is inappropriate and I think it is very natural for the government to do this and confiscate everything because this platform was supposed to secure a large and legitimate electricity source like renewable electricity sources because these platforms need a very large electricity source
  15. You are right that encryption is the only way now to obtain money. We can work in all areas of encryption and we are sitting in our homes during the stone period where we can take advantage of this time to develop ourselves in the fields of encryption and also we can work and achieve some money through trading and gambling and many things I see
  16. I have a very great faith in the Bitcoin currency and in its future, which can make me rich, despite all the consequences facing this coin, but it will last long and on the behalf of the creator of Bitcoin, I think that he will remain anonymous and we will only know about him name Satoshi Nakamoto
  17. Currently, I am satisfied with working in the field of trading and storing currencies, where I buy many currencies when the price falls and then I wait for it to rise until I sell, but I plan to establish a small project in the future that can achieve me a very acceptable income
  18. I use yobit platform. I work in the forum for this platform. It is a very reliable and secure platform and it contains many advantages and provides you with an investment fund in addition to which trading I advise you to try it
  19. Frankly, I do not know anything about this wallet because I always use a blockchain wallet so thank you for submitting this post and I will enter the link and read and understand everything
  20. You are right, Bitcoin is the most famous currency because it is the first and oldest cryptocurrency to have appeared and is the mother of currencies, and also because its price is very high and no currency can match it with the price
  21. Because there are a lot of people who are encouraged, that is why they continue to play until they are caught. I hope that you will make your participation the next time more useful and more than 100 characters, otherwise you will be warned or banned.
  22. You are right, there is a big free time because of the home quarantine, where we can use this vacuum to play and develop ourselves. However, everyone is doing this work. There are many people who know the concept of giving up the Internet this period and turning to other matters related to their health.
  23. In the beginning, I needed 3 to 4 hours a day to gamble because I love it a lot and fill my void, but now, due to the circumstances in which we live, I spend a day from 1 to 2 hours only, I disrupt the gambling sites
  24. That's right. I also read this news and I saw many deleted content in addition to preventing many big Youtuber from creating new videos in their channels.
  25. The reason for the low number of active members in the forum is due to their preoccupation with the Coronavirus, which has spread around the world and kept many people away from the Internet and encryption, as their only goal is to protect themselves to stay alive