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    Tom moli got a reaction from Selena in Bitcin Versers Ripple   
    The Ripple coin has a very low price and needs a lot of time to reach the bitcoin level, as it is affected by the bitcoin price, meaning that if the bitcoin price falls below the level of financial support, this means the disappearance of the Ripple coin
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    Tom moli reacted to Magdsolieman in Bitcin Versers Ripple   
    It is very difficult to give up bitcoin because the most expensive cryptocurrency, which is since the creation of crypto, is, while Ripple is a currency that is still in the nascent stage and its mining ratio is low, and its price is less than $ 1 for this reason. It is not good to compare the best and highest price currency with A new currency is under development
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    Tom moli reacted to AHCareP in What cryptocurrencies to pay attention in 2019-2020?   
    Bitcoin, simply because it is Bitcoin, and it is about him that they think when they talk about the crypt. Interest in him will definitely be high. Ether, yes, especially considering its dynamics relative to Bitcoin. He has all the chances of overtaking dad in terms of growth)😄
    But do not forget about the new crypts, which should become leaders in growth,It is interesting, I think about investing in a crypt in the next year, and I wanted to know in which crypts the news to watch and buy?
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    Tom moli reacted to Sokah in Bitcoin Core wallet 0.18.1   
    Something to add. If you're using Electrum don't go for the portable version if you don't want to risk your savings. Don't assume that you're in risk, but a little bit of paranoia is no bad either.
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    Tom moli reacted to JohnTravel in Bitcoin Core wallet 0.18.1   
    Yes, i am thinking a lot about this, return my options for desktop and private keys in my control.
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    Tom moli reacted to UltraChief in Belief in Bitcoin?   
    He is a fraud. If he was the real then he could have signed a message from Satoshi's address to provide the undeniable truth. Of course anyone can assume they are satoshi today and act like a fraud. CWS and Rog Ver are the biggest liars in the crypto ecosystem.
    Stop reading misinformation news. Bitcoin's mining system is made in such a way that hackers cannot enter and if they did they would get blacklisted if they try to modify older transactions.
    The lack of security here is the problem that users dont take their security into proper hands. Other than that the power required to deny the entire group of miners in the world is so huge that even an entire star could not provide that much power. This was analysed at one time when a person make a joke by posting some private addresses in one site. Of course that was a joke to make people understand how secure the system was.
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    Tom moli reacted to DreamStage in Belief in Bitcoin?   
    Craig is one fake ass guy, faking everywhere he pleases, if you cross its reference at google you will find alot of fake news by him trying to deceive the ones without knowledge or information.
    He has been faking all over the place multiple times and was caught with his tail in the butt.
    About Bitcoin it will surely becoming something unique as a global currency. You just have to keep believing as currently there are so many countries adopting it already
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    Tom moli got a reaction from Selena in What is your trading app?   
    I do not use the applications I trade via the famous official platforms such as binance platform and yobit platform I do these two platforms for trading and investment, but I have no confidence in other applications
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    Tom moli reacted to Magdsolieman in Withdrawals - How and What for?   
    In fact, I do not use Paypal because it is not supported in my country, but if I use it, I would convert the cryptocurrency into dollars and then send it to the Paypal account in order to purchase important needs and clothing and if it is necessary for the sake of study installments but I am currently taking advantage of the cryptocurrency without converting to PayPal
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    Tom moli reacted to Magdsolieman in Could Libra be a competition to bitcoin ?   
    In my opinion, it is not a good idea to compare them. Bitcoin is the highest-priced currency and is the big father of cryptocurrencies. It is impossible for Libera to be a rival to Bitcoin, especially since more expensive currencies like Ethereum cannot compete with Bitcoin. We see that all currencies are affected by the bitcoin price and thus will remain a separate currency and will not Be a competition
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    Tom moli reacted to Magdsolieman in Bitcoin transaction not private after all huh ?   
    Do you mean your Bitcoin transactions such as transfers and withdrawals or your investment operations I have seen that many platforms and sites display the addresses of the portfolios that registered and withdrawn and the amounts withdrawn from those platforms and therefore are not unknown and can be seen by anyone
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    Tom moli reacted to Magdsolieman in Why is Bitcoin more famous than other crypto-currencies?   
    There are several reasons why Bitcoin is more popular than other currencies because it is the first cryptocurrency in addition to that it has received the support of many sites and companies so that there are browsers and ATMs of their own in airports which is the highest price cryptocurrency