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  1. The Ripple coin has a very low price and needs a lot of time to reach the bitcoin level, as it is affected by the bitcoin price, meaning that if the bitcoin price falls below the level of financial support, this means the disappearance of the Ripple coin
  2. Oh for this harsh lesson, it really hurts to feel this sadness and sadness that it is an example for all investors to preserve their currencies and deal more cautiously with this wealth.
  3. By monitoring the prices of cryptocurrencies we note that most of the currencies currently placed at the top after Bitcoin are Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash and Digicoin currency The future is bright for these currencies, especially Ethereum It is my favorite currency
  4. Rest in peace. I can't believe this is very sad news
  5. My friend, please explain better about this wallet and tell me its features. I am currently using a blockchain wallet which is famous and secure, allowing for smooth exchange and trading. I hope that it is better.
  6. I do not have a lot of plans, because my friend believes that there are a lot of positive changes, so I do not build hope on a non-stable basis at the present time, but what I believe in is that Bitcoin is a great way to invest and has many positives, and I continue with it at the present time and strive to double my profits.
  7. I believe in Bitcoin and see it as a path to a wonderful future in development. There are many reasons why Bitcoin is a double-edged sword. I think fraudsters are the ones who don't want Bitcoin so that they can falsify transactions in a way that ensures their strongest survival and invent the reasons that you can believe. Until this time there is no reason to hide the Satoshi mask, the possibilities are many, but I certainly cannot believe Craig Wright nor Nakamoto. This path, in its infancy, will bring about many changes and you will find many who fabricate false news
  8. This depends on the laws imposed by each country, but a few countries impose imprisonment on Bitcoin users, for example in my country, Bitcoin is not rejected, but there is not enough encouragement for it and in European countries it is not rejected, so I think it is an exaggeration to imprison encryption users.
  9. I do not use the applications I trade via the famous official platforms such as binance platform and yobit platform I do these two platforms for trading and investment, but I have no confidence in other applications
  10. You can earn bitcoin in several ways, either by working on forums or by registering with the famous platforms and doing trading operations, and these methods are the most common, but I do not advise you to try faucets and telegram robots, it is a fraud and a waste of time, but before starting I advise you to learn a little about trading and investment
  11. I adopt the strategy of withdrawing from my wallet on my trading platform when needed only because I am not a fan of Paypal but sometimes I am forced when I travel to use Paypal and buy reservation cards in theaters and cinema only
  12. It is impossible to be a competitor because the price difference between the two currencies is very large and Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that controls the prices of all currencies, so the comparison between them is not fair.
  13. The cryptocurrency market did not exist. It was just a fantasy. When it appeared, Bitcoin was the main currency and the main title of cryptocurrencies, it is natural to be the most famous in addition to its great impact on the price of other currencies, up and down.