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    wassouf got a reaction from coldmax1 in Anime, or Movies, or TV series?   
    For me I do not prefer anime at all, I like to watch action movies and superheroes more than series, but I have watched some really good series, such as Game of Thrones, Vikings, and La casa de Papel.
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    wassouf got a reaction from Selena in What is your trading app?   
    For me, I prefer trading on the Olymp trade platform, it is easy and clear, especially for beginners, and it also provides a demo account, through which you can try many strategies for trading.
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    wassouf reacted to Magdsolieman in Will mining all the bitcoins cause problem ?   
    Everyone is wondering about this issue and it has been a big problem for mining and encryption workers in general, but recently we have heard a lot that there is a new strategy to recover lost currencies and a large amount of new currencies will be pumped to revive the crypto market and determine the number of mines in mining sites that workers can The mines are extracted
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    wassouf reacted to Magdsolieman in Confused to use which wallet ? Well here is a help.   
    Thanks for this post. It will be useful for people who like to diversify and try different types of wallets, but for me I am very comfortable in using a blockchain wallet. It is safe, more reliable and famous. I would like to ask you. Do you recommend using a wallet you have tried?
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    wassouf reacted to Magdsolieman in Bitcoin transaction not private after all huh ?   
    Do you mean your Bitcoin transactions such as transfers and withdrawals or your investment operations I have seen that many platforms and sites display the addresses of the portfolios that registered and withdrawn and the amounts withdrawn from those platforms and therefore are not unknown and can be seen by anyone
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    wassouf got a reaction from VrOdaN in Losing my hair   
    I hope to find a solution to hair loss, I also lose my hair, but for me this is hereditary baldness, and he has no solution or medication, but there are other reasons for hair loss such as skin diseases, tension and anemia, so you must know the reason for your hair loss in order to find a treatment  .
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    wassouf got a reaction from Magdsolieman in Bitcoin banks a dream come true ?   
    I do not think Bitcoin becomes subject to bank management, the basic idea of creating cryptocurrencies is decentralization, eliminating bank control, and the taxes that they impose, so I don't think Bitcoin will be restricted in private banks.
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    wassouf reacted to Magdsolieman in Bitcoin banks a dream come true ?   
    I am really excited about this and all the new data says that it is a dream that will come true, because Bitcoin ATMs are increasing in number, and it is known that ATMs are the starting point for Bitcoin banks. This will need a period of time, but it will be realized and dealing with encryption will become easier.