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  1. Dealing with cryptocurrencies still differs from country to another, and the perception of this currency differs between allowing it to be dealt with, prohibited, or warning against its use, without preventing it or deeming it illegal. Among the countries that prohibit bitcoin are Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bolivia, and China. As for the major countries that allow bitcoin, Germany, Canada, and the United States of America .
  2. I think the reason is people trust in Bitcoin, as it is the first cryptocurrency, and it is a stable and expensive currency, so people tend to trade and invest this currency more than other cryptocurrencies.
  3. There are a lot of great movies, this mainly depends on your favorite genre. For me, the movies that I like the most are The joker, Black Panther and Thor ragnarock.
  4. There are a lot of really great songs on YouTube, I prefer listening to the most popular songs on YouTube, like despacito , when i see you again , dance monkey , and others .
  5. Each time of the day has its own music. In the morning, I like to listen to soft music before going to work. In the evening, I prefer to listen to loud music and popular songs in my country.
  6. For me, I prefer action movies, superheroes, some of my favorite films Rush Hour, IP man, Spiderman, and other films that contain martial arts.
  7. Gambling is the fastest way to earn bitcoin, but it needs a lot of luck, and experience as well. For me, I just earn bitcoin by participating in this forum, and I am trying to learn some games in order to start gambling.
  8. There are a lot of tips to maintain a healthy body, even if you are busy working, and your inability to go to the gym, there are some exercises that can be done at home, such as running exercises, rope exercises, and stretching exercises, they maintain the body fitness, You must also take care of your food, as it contains all the necessary nutrients in balanced quantities.
  9. For me, I prefer the Apple sports watch, it is clear, and can be read even in sunlight, and its design is more elegant and smooth, and for its performance it can monitor the heart rate, the number of steps and the burning of calories, and you can record your health status through it, and the unique thing is that also smart enough to sense the fall from a high place and send a message to the emergency, it's perfect for a sporty lifestyle.
  10. It is my favorite meal, for me I prefer kebab with mushrooms, it is small meat cuttings, mushrooms, with nuts placed on a barbecue skewer, and grilled on charcoal.
  11. My friend, this diet varies from person to person, there are some people who eat food throughout the day and it does not increase their weight at all, it is highly related to heredity, there are types of food that must be focused on to gain weight, such as potatoes, alcohol free beer , and starches, without neglecting meat ، vegetables and fruits.
  12. You should eat small quantities of vegetables and fruits, in close periods, refraining from eating is wrong, you should refrain from bread , sugar, and saturated meat, and you should not forget about exercise, it is a basic thing in the diet.
  13. Thanks for sharing the way to prepare, I like to try western sweets, it looks really delicious, I will try to prepare it, but it is rich in calories, we have to run for half an hour to get rid of these extra calories 😅 .
  14. I agree with you my friend, these are important tips for losing weight, but it is not permissible to refrain from eating completely, but should eat small quantities of food, at close intervals, and should not neglect exercise such as running, cardio, and other exercises.
  15. I think that many people spend long hours using the computer without any attention to the comfortable way of sitting, or exercising, and thus exposing themselves to the danger of back pain, and the neck, these are really useful tips, stretching exercises are one of the most important exercises for computer users, they should not be neglected at all .