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  1. The most important feature that a player should have is conviction, because if a player starts losing, he feels tired, then he will not be able to focus and therefore will continue to lose. Personally, I have not played throughout the night before and I stop when I start losing.
  2. At first it all depends on luck and the gameplay you play, my friend. I don't think the type of currencies you use have anything to do with profit or loss, but until you gain self-confidence, I advise you to play with your favorite currency.
  3. Do you mean your Bitcoin transactions such as transfers and withdrawals or your investment operations I have seen that many platforms and sites display the addresses of the portfolios that registered and withdrawn and the amounts withdrawn from those platforms and therefore are not unknown and can be seen by anyone
  4. Thanks for this post. It will be useful for people who like to diversify and try different types of wallets, but for me I am very comfortable in using a blockchain wallet. It is safe, more reliable and famous. I would like to ask you. Do you recommend using a wallet you have tried?
  5. Everyone is wondering about this issue and it has been a big problem for mining and encryption workers in general, but recently we have heard a lot that there is a new strategy to recover lost currencies and a large amount of new currencies will be pumped to revive the crypto market and determine the number of mines in mining sites that workers can The mines are extracted
  6. I will not start solving puzzles before I search a little about them and benefit from the opinion of experts in this field until I get the rewards but do you have advice about this my friend in all cases and in any field we must search a little and collect the information before starting so that we do not make mistakes
  7. I think Bitcoin has reached everyone and that foreigners are using it not only watching or gambling there are a lot of them trying to reach the top, but if everyone joins hands, the future of encryption will be more beautiful
  8. All things in life have both positive and negative aspects, as bitcoin contributes to supporting many families and the poor, and it has contributed to reducing crowding during the epidemic that afflicts the world. The downside is that some criminals may use it for illegal trade.
  9. I advise you to hide half of your currencies if you are forced and need money, but if you are not obligated to sell, I advise you to keep your encrypted currencies because the price will reach at the end of this year more than $ 10,000 and most likely the price in the next year will be between 12000_15000 $ and until you are sure to enter the forecast sites Famous price charts
  10. My friend, your need for copper coins, there are old and new currencies, please mention the type that you want to take advantage of information about, although I do not have these currencies, but I may offer you assistance through one of my friends who are interested in these currencies.
  11. My friend, countries affect the price of bitcoin through investment operations that take place in each country and the proportion of mining. From this point, we should know that China and India have a very large percentage of workers in the crypto market and the proportion of mining in India is huge. For this reason, we find that India has greatly affected the price.
  12. These terms we always see in cryptocurrency platforms and websites Yes, I have had information about ICO but now I will read the report on IEO and benefit from your participation but in general we are getting these terms for general information that it might help us in our work in cryptography?
  13. We need bulls in order for the price of cryptocurrencies to rise. The rate of bulls in the market must be greater than whales. To me, this is effective. As for KYC, it helps a little, but I don’t want it because it requires a lot of personal information.
  14. In my opinion, it is not a good idea to compare them. Bitcoin is the highest-priced currency and is the big father of cryptocurrencies. It is impossible for Libera to be a rival to Bitcoin, especially since more expensive currencies like Ethereum cannot compete with Bitcoin. We see that all currencies are affected by the bitcoin price and thus will remain a separate currency and will not Be a competition
  15. In fact, I do not use Paypal because it is not supported in my country, but if I use it, I would convert the cryptocurrency into dollars and then send it to the Paypal account in order to purchase important needs and clothing and if it is necessary for the sake of study installments but I am currently taking advantage of the cryptocurrency without converting to PayPal