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  1. doing wagered on stake is easier, unlike primedice which only relies on one game, today I can increase VIP and get into the position of thousands and to enter 100 is very difficult so I still fail.
  2. How can I play on the payout that I want, can I only play on the payout in your post or it can be with other payouts ?
  3. I don't play using scripts because I have to use bots, I don't trust the bots I will use because I'm afraid my account will be lost because the bot isn't from the site owner.
  4. in the country I live, namely Singapore, the KuCoin domain has been suspended so that I cannot open the website and trade so I use another trading market.
  5. I'm not sure if you really managed to increase 5k satoshi to 1.5 bitcoin, that's a huge amount so I really can't believe it, but good luck nobody knows maybe you're a lucky player.
  6. I never dreamed of gambling because I must have forgotten when I was going to sleep because I would not be able to sleep when I was still thinking about gambling and it was very annoying.
  7. This is definitely a hoax, there is no way the price of bitcoin can be $ 24,000 because the price of bitcoin around the world is the same price, it is impossible in the Iranian country to reach that price, maybe you read the news wrong.
  8. I never give a tip when I get a profit because I feel the profit I get is lacking so that I will play and keep playing until I reach what I want.
  9. there is no best way unless you calculate how much balance you have so that you can reach a profit of up to 1 bitcoin, but you can certainly achieve it by desperate ways for example 0.01 bitcoin at 100x payout is impossible but luck.
  10. I have seen you often share profit pictures, it's just that I am not interested in the benefits you get because without knowing the strategy you are using it is very useless, but you are good because this can make me motivated to play and can get profits.
  11. it seems this feature is not very helpful, it just makes me know the price and still need a calculator to find out how much balance I have or to calculate profits.
  12. I do not know what you mean, I did not receive any invitation from the primedice maybe because I am new here so I did not accept the invitation.
  13. I like to claim daily reload every 10 minutes because I can do it anytime I want to play, so there's no need to wait for one day if I have lost.
  14. I do wagered by playing in payout 1.01 continuously and when losing will increase the bet, this is very dangerous and not to be followed.
  15. I stop when I can reach the profit I am looking for, so I stop very often when I experience a loss and will continue after making a deposit.
  16. all sides either over or under does not really affect the game being done because I often move from over to under or vice versa and I still have to be able to get what I want to get.
  17. I do not believe in vault because it is not safe, I prefer to withdraw after it stores in my own wallet.
  18. I have been waiting for a gift that you will give in the previous post but until now you have not yet given a gift, are you experiencing a loss ?
  19. reboox


    You only need to give a reply in every post that is there, remember if you do not want to violate the use of your sentence and do not compare with others.
  20. I tried to follow the challenge but I played with auto and was very difficult to find the bet id that I got whether it worked or not and I sometimes played and left it so that I rarely took the challenge.
  21. Mastercard is better than what you suggest but it is somewhat unsuitable because usually the use is a trading site and if there is it will be very difficult in licensing.
  22. one million users, it's impossible but this is a very reasonable prediction because this site has been around since 2013 and it's very possible. but certainly not as active as before because it is very quiet.
  23. Is that reaction important to you? I have never given a reaction I think it is not important because giving a reply is enough and there is no point in giving a reaction but what you say has a point. I will give a reaction for the first time
  24. I will withdraw and use the money for living expenses and investing, I will also definitely quit gambling after getting it.