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  1. Bet: 96,646,296,899 placed by fesz on 03/09/2021 Wagered 0.00000051 Multiplier 4.00x Profit 0.00000153
  2. Bet: 96,167,541,179 placed by fesz on 23/08/2021 Wagered 0.35000000 Multiplier 15.00x Profit 4.90000000
  3. надо задуматься о привлечении рефералов))
  4. Рано или поздно все равно сольет, выдав 9 красных подряд
  5. Везет, поскольку еще нет страха и сознания происходящего.
  6. Надежный, хороший интерфейс, есть история роллов, короче лучший дайс!
  7. fesz

    Last place to visit

    i think, it would parents house to say them how much i love them
  8. it is all about luck. If yuo play with all your money it is already kinda strange then result will be like that- one day you lucky then you are rich, not then poor.
  9. What should i do, if some rolls in bet history just gone?
  10. Would be nice to have a private messages and make sure that issue is gone when you open bet history it goes to the beggining