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  1. I see that the price has dropped a lot. Would you still think it's worth the time and energy Lexus?
  2. Hi all I have been a member for a long time, so it's hard to remember all wins and loses this is them I remember, but maybe there have been bigger Greatest Win: 0.2 BTC Greatest Bust: 0.8 BTC Greatest Bet: 0.8 BTC
  3. I actually didn't bought any present at all yet. Maybe I wont even buy any, because I had a major loss in the start of this month. Hopefully I will figure out someway to get some money so I will be able to buy some presents for my family. I hope that you guys are in a better situation than me. Best regards Jacob
  4. Hi everyone here on Primedice forum Some month ago I stumbled across this site Brickblock.io. Back then they had an airdrop and I recieved 3 BBK for free. Of course I hope that the site and service grow very big and that those 3 BBK will end up being worth a fortune. What do you guys think about this site? Best regards Jacob
  5. Hi everyone here on Primedice forum. I just found the pokersite NetBet poker. Does any of you have any experiences with this poker room. It look pretty good, but I would like to know if anyone have tried it, maybe even tried making deposit and withdrawal. I think tat I will maybe try it out, but I would like to get your response first. Best regards Jacob
  6. Thank you very much for this great alternative to Seuntjies DiceBot. Did you make it yourself? and if yes, how long time did it take to make it?
  7. I wish you the best of luck reaching your goal. This is a very cool challenge. Maybe I will try something similar myself
  8. I like this new version of Primedice. I really like that there has finally been added other currencies than just btc. In a new version of Primedice I would really like to see an exchange option, so you can exchange between the different currencies. I would also like to see wagering contest in a new version, with prizes for the 5-10 accounts with highest wager each month.
  9. Funniest: @Singpays Friendliest: @UchihaRaj Forum Hero: @athena2007 Chat Hero: @MrNice23 Most Lovable: @sourc3code Most Intelligent: @Zoltan Most Influential: @Mrnice23 Best Moderator: @thefrog Funniest Support: @Bojana Favourite Support: @Milan Favourite Staff: @Dan
  10. That looks like a nice big win. I hope that he managed to wager enough to being able to withdraw, winning such a big amount and not being able to withdraw can be like a nightmare if he ends up losing i before wager requirements. Thank for sharing this cool video
  11. Primedice was the first crypto gambling site I tried. I have been hooked ever since. I have had a great time on PD winning and losing a lot over the time.
  12. We are allowed to have the same username at Primedice and Stake, at east I have the same username at bot sites
  13. They already launched. So if you got any of wcxt you should go and migrate it to xt their new token. You can also buy more xt tokens if you want. This seem like a very good way to earn some extra btc, When they start to exchange xt for btc at their exchange xt will easily get over $1 for 1 xt https://wcex.com/sale?ref=edMXgwVl
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    This ICO look very nice i my eyes. You will get 50 WCX (about $5 whe they hit exchanges) just for singing up now before the ICO starts. You will also get 15% bonus when you buy WCX if you join throug this unique link https://ico.wcex.co/?ref=PbGit4q What do you guys think of this ICO?
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    Hi Krish Welcome to primedice forum. This is a very good place. I hpe that you will enjoy your time here. Best of luck
  16. I lost way over 1 btc on gambling. I lost many millions on gambling but most in real oney and not btc, but I lost a few btc.
  17. Yeah. I also think that minors shouldn´t be sentenced like adults, because when you are young, you don´t think as much about the consequenses of you choices.
  18. There´s already a holy war in the middle east, but I don´t think that there will be a holy world war.
  19. Good luck. I hope you win big
  20. It´s very different for me. Sometimes I set a goal, and stop when I reach that and sometimes I play a certain amount of time. Most times I play until I bust all
  21. I really hope that btc s $10.000 at the end of the year, but I really doubt it. I think it will rise, and also thn that ETH will rise, but $10.000 is a little to optimistic
  22. What do you guys think?` Now when minimum tip is lowered to 10K, should the rainbot lower the tip to 10k instead of 50k to tip more people?
  23. I would also recommend you to exchange them into ETH or BTC. The prize of ETH and BTC is more likely to rise than DOGE Especially if you want them as an investment